Event 18 Jul 2016

RCF HDL50-A Line Array's Festival Debut Delights 10,000+ Audience

A crowd of more than 10,000 party-minded folks gathered at the Stoppelmarkt in Vechta, Germany, for the premiere installment of the “Tante Mia tanzt” – “Aunt Mia’s Dance” – electro festival on May 5. Staged for the first time by the local agency plus2event, the festival was to be something very special from its inception, with a star-studded line-up, a unique stage, spectacular special FX and top-flight sound reinforcement for all areas.
The promoter's lofty aims were achieved, as the enthusiastic feedback from festival-goers would attest. The outstanding line-up with top acts such as Echo award-winners Lost Frequencies, Belgium’s Headhunterz and the US collective The Chainsmokers certainly did its part to wow the audience, as did the main stage, which was tricked out to look like a supersized portable radio. This unique design is the most striking product of Thomas Wernikowski and his team's painstaking efforts, but their rigorous attention to detail was everywhere to be seen throughout this well-planned and executed festival.
Acoustic Sound, another local outfit from Vechta, held up the technical end with equal aplomb. To this end, the audio service provider opted to deploy brand new RCF systems.
The crew equipped the main stage, dubbed “Aunt Mia's Dance Garden” by the promoters, with two sets of 12 HDL50-A 3-way active line array speakers and 18 SUB9007-AS dual 21" subwoofers in paired clusters. It was the first time this type of rig was rolled out in Germany. Touring & Theatre series TTP5-A point source enclosures served as in-fills, with front-fill support provided by stacked TTL33-A line array speakers of the same series.
Flown double clusters of TTL6-A units, another brand new 3-way active line-source speaker, covered the floor in “Aunt Mia's Vestibule”, otherwise known as the festival tent. TTL33-A line array modules were used as fills to augment the TTL6-A units. Six double stacks of TTS56-AS dual 21" subwoofers held up the low end.
DJs were treated to a monitor system consisting of TT25-SMA and TTP5-A point sources for the side PA. The artists had nothing but lavish praise for this system's performance, and the clear, punchy sound in the audience areas also got rave reviews.
Learn more about the HDL50-A at www.hdl50-a.com

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