In 1949, RCF’s three founders conjured a bold vision based on technology that was considered niche at the time. The real breakthrough came in the '60s when concert sound began to transition from small acoustic setups to big spaces, requiring electric amplification for voices and other low-volume musical instruments. In-depth knowledge in transducers and electronics qualified RCF to develop complete audio systems, bringing the company to a leading position in multiple audio markets over the years, from OEM transducers to Hi-Fi, public address, portable speakers, recording studios, and big concert systems.
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RCF’s passion for perfection drives the design of every product to create enlightening, unique, and delightful experiences for our customers. All speakers and components are designed from the ground up and developed internally to maximize the end result. Our extensive catalog covers all aspects of the audio chain and meets the needs of musicians, sound engineers, rental companies, architects, and system integrators. Whatever your audio requirement is, we have the right solution.


We care about sound, and we care about usability. We do everything to ensure that our customers find the best outcome for each application, for who listens and uses our products. Our foundation and know-how have been built up over more than 70 years of operations and continuous technological improvement, making RCF a trusty brand for all audio people. 

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The design process at RCF is an evolving concept. Our engineering team has an all-inclusive approach to product design, allowing the company to stay at the forefront of technology and materials. The modern manufacturing facility located in Italy follows the same idea. All components are dynamically refined, with a highly-controlled manufacturing process that continuously increases quality and reliability. Each component is designed internally which creates a fully-comprehensive workflow from the transducer’s voice coil to the management software.

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Our instructors provide education and training activities in the comprehensive and science-based RCF Audio Academy program. RCF enjoys a long history of educating the audio community with an extensive selection of courses and workshops covering several subjects such as new products, technologies, user cases, and in-depth professional training. Sessions are organized worldwide by our sound professionals/engineers at RCF Audio Academy.

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Our passionate employees around the globe have in-depth experience to support every customer and their projects. Our Engineering Support Group works side by side with the R&D Department to create tailor-made equipment based on the client’s real needs – complete with rigging accessories, signal processing, or custom mechanics. We are not only suppliers of superior audio products but also a team of highly skilled engineers who develop personalized and flexible solutions. 

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