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Audio Academy

Become an expert in professional audio
Our Audio Academy provides tutorials, webinars, courses, and technical guides to enhance your audio skill set. Created for sound specialists, technicians, and system engineers, each course session is designed to get the best performance from any sound system, with in-depth focus on RCF systems. RCF training is conducted by Audio Professionals and RCF Product Experts selected for their knowledge and industry experience.


Audio Academy Courses

RCF provides an extensive selection of courses and workshops covering several subjects such as new products, technologies, user cases, and in-depth professional training. Sessions are organized worldwide by our Instructors/Engineers and also in RCF Audio Academy facilities in Italy. Our training sessions are available in our worldwide educational program or customized according to the client’s requirements.


Audio Academy Courses 

We regularly offer courses and workshops in Cologne: from beginner's seminars to operator training courses specifically tailored to our professional systems and users. In addition to a modern seminar room, we also have access to the 500 sqm RCF showroom to carry out rigging practice, make large sub-setups a hands-on experience, or run through complex setups together from planning to calibration.

On-Demand Webinars

Watch our seminars on-demand — on your time, when you want them. Now you can easily navigate to something you missed from a previous live webinar and come back to it later. When you’re on the road, at home with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. RCF training sessions are available in multiple languages.

Knowledge Base

Become an expert in RCF professional technologies. RCF Knowledge Base contains technical documents, guidelines and support references created by our support professionals who have trained and resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the latest information.
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