• 133 dB Max SPL
  • 2000W Two-Way Amplifier
  • Exclusive FiRPHASE technology on-board
  • 750 Hz Crossover for best vocal reproduction
  • RDNet Networked Management
  • 1.5” Titanium Compression Driver
  • 2 x 6” High-Powered Neodymium Woofers
  • 4 PATH waveguide

The RCF HDL26-A is an ultra-compact bi-amped two-way active touring system for small and medium-sized events, both indoors and outdoors. Due to the advanced transducer design and the 2000W Class-D amplifier, among the best in its class, it is capable of an extended bottom-end and a pristine sound for a wide range of applications, alone or in RDNet managed line-array configurations. The HDL 35-AS is the ideal flyable bass complement for the HDL 26-A array system.

Part number:

HDL 26-A
Black, EAN 8024530016845

HDL 26-A W
White, EAN 8024530017422

Black & white

When in need of a particular appearance, matching the colour of interiors, or searching for a stylish, minimalistic sound system for your next DJ set, we can provide you with a full set of white speakers — a tough coating for wooden speakers or a robust white polypropylene composite material for portable systems, pole included, in perfect fashion. Purity and elegance, all available to be included in corporate gigs, weddings, and houses of worship.
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The acoustic beauty of symmetry

The symmetrical design of the cabinet produces identical left and right coverage of 100°x10°. Component positioning and the special DSP crossover of the HDL 26-A ensures constant directivity, reducing spots of break up or attenuation.

The front baffle provides:
  • Coplanar woofers
  • Controlled LF dispersion with hybrid-bandpass design
  • Central space to host the HF waveguide
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Advanced design

The integrated fittings are both easy to use and reconfigurable, allowing the system engineer to create J-shaped and spiral arrays starting at 1° angle.

The hardware is designed for easy and fast setup. Up to 16 HDL 26-A modules can be fastened on a single flybar.

The heavy-duty front grille is powder coated. A special transparent-to-sound foam backing inside helps to further protect the transducers from dust. For weatherproof capabilities, a rain cover is available.

New perspective on linearity

RCF speakers are designed using a proprietary and advanced digital FiR technology, conceived to deliver transparent sound, absolute clarity, and perfect imaging to the listener. The special FiRPHASE filters allow for coherent distribution of sound for all listeners without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies in the system.
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Hybrid bandpass design

After many computer simulations, tests in anechoic chambers and listening sessions, the woofer arrangement in hybrid bandpass configuration results in wider and more coherent coverage, allowing a more effective frontal beam with only a few boxes. This arrangement increases the directivity of the line array, doubling the radiation points on low/mid frequencies. The shape of the baffle reduces the turbulence outside the waveguide decreasing the overall distortions.
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Class-D power

The amplifier is a central part of RCF’s product development. The HDL 26-A power section is tailored to the transducers and the cabinet design to reach excellent efficiency, low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio. Class-D power amplifier technology operating at very low impedance produces extended transient response, while the high damping factor improves sound quality and detail. The amplifier module features +24 dBu input section, a solid machined aluminum structure which not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation but also helps the fan-less heat dissipation. The low-latency DSP section deploys a remarkable amount of processing power for live performances with straight-forward control and monitoring of single parts of the module, including rigging angles and transducer performance via RDNet. An entire set of protections preserve product life and reliability.

Legendary transducers

The RCF HDL 26-A features state-of-the-art RCF transducers with neodymium magnets. RCF’s experienced engineering teams have specially developed and matched each component — starting from the power supply through the input board to the amplifiers and transducers right up to the complete HDL 26-A System.
High frequencies
  • High-performance RCF ND840
  • 3.0-inch diaphragm titanium compression driver
  • 1.4-inch exit throat
  • 750 Hz Crossover Point
Low frequencies
  • 2 X 2.0” voice coil neodymium 6” woofers
  • Low frequencies handling down to 55 Hz
  • Water resistant fiber doped cone
  • Polycotton M-roll surround
  • Hypervented magnetic structure

The ideal flyable bass complement

While the HDL 26-A is designed for the best speech intelligibility and background music, a correct musical response requires low distortion and high power on low frequencies.
The HDL 35-AS is the ideal flyable bass complement for the HDL 26-A array system.
It features a baltic birch plywood cabinet housing one 4.0” voice coil, 15” Neodymium woofer to handle frequencies from 40 Hz to 140 Hz with the maximum linearity and lowest distortion. The hardware is designed for an easy and fast setup, completely compatibile with HDL 26-A rigging. The heavy-duty front grille is powder coated. A special transparent-to-sound foam backing inside helps to further protect the transducers from dust. A rain cover is also available.
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Networked control and much more
RDNet is a robust management network and control platform for small, medium and large arena-sized sound systems, as well as complex and extended installations. Based on a proprietary network protocol, RDNet provides intuitive control and monitoring of every connected device/object in the RCF audio system. Each device has DSP to address specific presets or modifications of parameters to single or groups of objects. A network user can change level, delay, EQ (linear phase FiR as well) and other settings, including advanced subwoofer configurations. RDNet is not only designed for loudspeakers—you can control parameters and routing of multiple RCF devices, such as digital matrixes or amplifiers.
Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response:
55 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
Max SPL @ 1m:
133 dB
Horizontal coverage angle:
Vertical coverage angle:
Compression Driver:
1 x 1.5'' neo, 3.0'' v.c
2 x 6.0'' neo, 2.0'' v.c
Input/Output section
Input signal:
Input connectors:
XLR, RDNet Ethercon
Output connectors:
XLR, RDNet Ethercon
Input sensitivity:
+4 dBu
Processor section
Crossover Frequencies:
Thermal, RMS
Soft Limiter
Preset, RDNet bypass
Power section
Total Power:
2000 W Peak, 1000 W RMS
High frequencies:
600 W Peak, 300 W RMS
Low frequencies:
1400 W Peak, 700 W RMS
Powercon IN/OUT
Physical specifications
Cabinet/Case Material:
PP Composite
Array fittings
2 Back
Black, White
237 mm / 9.33 inches
470 mm / 18.5 inches
377 mm / 14.84 inches
13.5 kg / 29.76 lbs
Shipping information
Package Height:
260 mm / 10.24 inches
Package Width:
550 mm / 21.65 inches
Package Depth:
425 mm / 16.73 inches
Package Weight:
14.9 kg / 32.85 lbs

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