TSL Production relies on RCF sound systems and provides sound at 15th Musikmeile Bedburg

The 15th music festival Musikmeile Bedburg was again an event of superlatives. During one weekend, about 20 bands played on 9 stages, inspired more than 30.000 visitors, and all this for free. Technical service provider TSL Production took responsibility for the complete technical implementation of the event and supervised sound, lighting, stage and video. Across all stages, TSL used audio equipment from RCF. Christina Stürmer, Coby Grant and many other artists could rely on perfect sound conditions.

The technical support of Musikmeile Bedburg can be considered as a big event in its entirety and poses some challenges in terms of material and workforce. To equip all stages perfectly, TSL Production and its team of 25 professionals around company owner Frank Schmitz used a total of approx. 150 components from the RCF product family.

Several modules of the active 3-way line array systems HDL 50-A and HDL 30-A were at the heart of the main stages. For some smaller stages, TSL also used RCF’s new active 2-way column speaker TTL 4-A, a premiere in Germany. The complete list includes many different components from RCF’s product range and illustrates the variety of products and solutions the traditional Italian manufacturer has to offer.

“All rcf components work together very well, resulting in uncomplicated systems – essential criteria for an event of such dimensions”

​Innogy and Radio Erft stage - 20x HDL 50-A, 16x SUB 9007-A, 8x HDL 30-A Nearfill/Outfill, 6x TT 25-SMA
DIY & Budak stage - 8x HDL 30-A, 2x TT 10-A Nearfill, 4x SUB 9006-A, 5x NX 12-SMA
P3 stage - 2x TTL 4, 2x SUB 9004-AS, 3x NX 12-SMA
GVG stage - 4x TTS 15-A, 4x TT 10-A, 2x NX 10-SMA
Kreissparkassen stage - 8x HDL 30-A, 4x SUB 9006-AS, 2x TT 10-A Nearfill, 5x NX 12-SMA
DJ stage - 8x HDL 26-A, 4x Sub 9004-AS
Marino stage - 2x TT 10-A, 2x db S08, 1x NX 12-SMA
TJX stage - 2x TTL 4-A, 4x SUB 9004-AS, 4x NX 12-SMA
 Sybac & Volksbank stage - 8x HDL 30-A, 4x SUB 9006-AS, 2x TT 10-A Nearfield, 5x NX 12- SMA

Frank Schmitz, the owner of TSL Production, comments on the production: “This was the first time we did the festival Musikmeile Bedburg, and we are very satisfied with the course of events. An enormous amount of equipment is used and many employees are involved in the success of the event. Precise planning, which we created together with Dominik Pfeiffer, is an essential prerequisite for the event to run smoothly. With RCF’s sound systems, the concept of “everything from a single source” proves itself time and again. All RCF components work together very well, resulting in uncomplicated systems – essential criteria for an event of such dimensions”.
The new TTL 4-A column loudspeakers also passed their baptism of fire with flying colours. The new linesource convinces with more flexibility in the radiation characteristics as well as scalability both horizontally and vertically. The flexibility the TTL 4 series has to offer closes the gap between point source and line array loudspeakers and offers greater flexibility in terms of radiation characteristics.  
Frank Schmitz was delighted with the characteristics of the new TTL 4 modules: “The new TTL 4-A column loudspeakers can be equipped differently and thus generate various radiation patterns. With the very flexible rigging solutions, we can use them as stand-alone, side by side or vertically, as a column array, horizontal array, on a stand or a subwoofer. That really makes the TTL 4-A very flexible to use.
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