Corporate 15 Jun 2012

RCF unveils a brand new marketing campaign

In a radical departure from its conventional marketing style, RCF has produced five new poster-style display ads, designed to overturn popular perceptions and present a brand new image for the company.
Using cartoon-style cut-out characters they address all the company’s core areas, such as “Recording”, “Professional Speaker Systems”, “Precision Transducers,” “TT+ High Definition Touring & Theatre” and “Installed Sound” … under the umbrella of “Sound Culture”.
Each concept has been purposely designed for the application, and the artworks have all the impact of a Norman Rockwell-style Saturday Evening Post front cover.
Said head of marketing Gioia Molinari, “We have deliberately introduced a fresh and innovative graphic style, designed to stop the reader in his tracks — as if he had just seen a billboard, banner or magazine front cover. It will certainly shock people who see RCF as a traditional loudspeaker company.”
But beneath the humorous veneer lies the serious message of a 62-year-old company with a matchless pedigree.
The new campaign will address each of the appropriate market segments, and will go live in June 2012. “The company has now shed its old skin and this will provide a glimpse into the future of RCF,” concluded Ms. Molinari.