RCF's First-Class Sound System Enhances Tbilisi's Upscale Dining and Entertainment Experience

Tbilisi, Georgia - The Tsiskvili Group, a leading provider of luxury dining experiences in Georgia, officially opened "Theatre" on November 25th, a new concept space that combines the best of live entertainment and fine dining. Located on Beliashvili Street, Theatre offers a multifunctional venue where guests can enjoy performances of all styles and genres while being served modern interpretations of traditional Georgian dishes. 
"Theatre is a true embodiment of our commitment to offering our guests a one-of-a-kind experience," said Lasha Chkaidze, CEO of Tsiskvili Group. "We are proud to have brought together the best in live entertainment and fine dining in one exceptional venue."

The space, which features a stage and a pavilion, will host a wide range of events including: theatrical productions, opera, ballet, concerts, gala events, conferences, and corporate parties, as well as private events. The kitchen at Theatre will offer a predetermined menu with dishes tailored to the content and theme of each event.
The Tsiskvili Group has partnered with Smarthouse and Office LLC, the official RCF distributor in Georgia, to ensure that Theatre offers guests the best possible sound experience. Konstantine Beruchashvili, Managing Partner of Smarthouse and Office LLC, said, "We already installed RCF sound systems for all Tsiskvili restaurants over the last decade, and both the quality and reliability of RCF speakers are outstanding, said Beruchashvili “We are proud to have been chosen to provide sound solutions for Theatre. Our team of expert sound engineers and installers have worked closely with the Tsiskvili Group to ensure that the sound system at Theatre is of the highest quality and meets the needs of the venue."

Smarthouse and office LLC installed a main line array system with eight TTL 33-A II, two TTS 36-A subs, and two HDL 26-A as front fill. “Other than the main stage, the venue also features TTW 4-A high-powered column arrays and TTS 18-A II subwoofers,” said David Antadze, sound engineer and installer from Smarthouse. “We installed eight NX-15-SMA stage monitors, and there are many RCF speakers all throughout the venue. Some from the top TT+ professional line like TT 08-A II and TT 10-A and other speakers from the Business Music and Installed Sound series, WMF 33EN, MF 33EN, and more than 30 RCF DUP 5EN, excellent speakers for background music and EVAC applications.”

The first major performance to be held at Theatre was The Show, featuring Nikoloz Rachveli, Nino Ananiashvili and her ballet troupe, opera singers, and other outstanding representatives of the art field. "We are confident that Theatre will quickly become one of the most sought-after venues in Tbilisi,” said Chkaidze. “We are very proud of the quality of the experience we can provide great audio clarity with the RCF system, which is remarkably impactful." We look forward to welcoming guests from all over the world to experience the best of Georgian hospitality and culture."

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