• 2 x 3" full-range transducers with 1" dome tweeter
  • Power selectable (70 V / 100 V): 40 W – 20 W – 10 W – 5 W – 2.5 W
  • 88 dB sensitivity
  • Colour black RAL 9005
  • Voice Alarm EN 54-24 Certified
  • In/out ceramic terminal block
  • Thermal fuse protection
  • Connections integrated in the wall support
  • UL rated plastic enclosure

WMF 33EN is a two-way wall mount speaker designed for both horizontal and vertical installation. It is especially suitable for broadcasting background music into commercial spaces, but also includes alarm messages with highly intelligible voice reproduction and EN 54-24 certification. It features a UL rated plastic cabinet with a steel magnetic grille and is easy to install with its smart support system. The terminal connection blocks, for input and output flameproof cables, are made of ceramic material. A thermal fuse protects the integrity of the line in case of heat affecting the speaker.

Part number:

EAN 8024530017170

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Multipurpose sound

A combination of modern design, a wide coverage angle of 100°x160° and RCF signature sound quality to deliver a supreme audio experience in any application. Their 2-way / 3-transducers full-range reflex-loaded speaker design does not require complementary SUBs. There is enough power for a uniform and rich sound distribution for a wide range of installations.
The target application range is extremely wide and varies from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and in general to any A/V application and Voice Alarm installation.
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Improve the audio atmosphere

Music nurtures engagement and improves the feeling of hospitality provided by the environment. All products designed for Business Music applications offer optimal background performance preserving the same quality even during high-powered foreground music. Their extra-wide directivity allows you to significantly reduce the number of speakers and installation points.

Voice alarm ready

The EN 54-24 certification and the highly intelligible voice reproduction make it perfect for voice alarm and EVAC messages (sensitivity 91 dB 1W @ 1m in the range 400 Hz ÷ 8000 Hz according to EN 54-24). The same speaker can be used for both music distribution and Voice Alarm applications.
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Discreet power

Our audio engineers maintain a strong focus on simplicity without compromising usability. The smooth and subtle design perfectly blends with any architecture, without compromising sound performance and ease of installation. WMF 33EN is so compact and slim that it can be aimed and rotated freely by its discrete swivel bracket, allowing a completely flexible installation. The grill is magnetically removable, ensuring practical and easy maintenance.

New shape of sound

WMF speakers can be driven by both low impedance or constant voltage amplifiers, with mode and power selection, both accessible by simply removing the grille. The connection panel is embedded inside the wall mount support, for both ease of installation and elegance. Their extra-wide directivity significantly reduces the number of speakers and installation points.
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Acoustical specifications
Frequency Response (-10dB):
80 Hz ÷ 22000 Hz
Max SPL @ 1m:
105 dB
Max SPL @ 4m:
93 dB
Horizontal coverage angle:
Vertical coverage angle:
System Sensitivity:
88 dB
System Sensitivity 1W @ 4m:
76 dB
Power section
Nominal Impedance:
8 ohm
Power Handling:
40 W
Peak Power Handling:
160 W PEAK
Recommended Amplifier:
80 W
Thermal fuse - PTC
Crossover Frequencies:
Dome Tweeter:
1.0'' neo, 1.0'' v.c
2 x 3.0'', 1.0'' v.c
Input/Output section
Input connectors:
Ceramic screw terminals
Output connectors:
Ceramic screw terminals
Constant Voltage Transformer:
70/100 V
Power selection 1:
40 W - 250 ohm
Power selection 2:
20 W - 500 ohm
Power selection 3:
10 W - 1000 ohm
Power selection 4:
5 W - 2000 ohm
Power selection 5:
2.5 W - 4000 ohm
Standard compliance
Safety agency:
CE compliant
EN54-24 certified:
CPR number:
Physical specifications
Cabinet/Case Material:
Wall mount bracket
Black - RAL 9005
399 mm / 15.71 inches
92 mm / 3.62 inches
236 mm / 9.29 inches
5 kg / 11.02 lbs
Shipping information
Package Height:
186 mm / 7.32 inches
Package Width:
596 mm / 23.46 inches
Package Depth:
276 mm / 10.87 inches
Package Weight:
7 kg / 15.43 lbs