Corporate 18 Jan 2011

Kenneth Bremer joins RCF

RCF has created a new PR & Strategic Marketing job function within the company and has appointed Kenneth Bremer to fulfil this role, starting from January 2011.
Kenneth Bremer will work closely with the marketing team, to keep brand ing RCF internationally, developing marketing strategies and to keep relationship with all relevant medias and to support customers providing them fast product information, and suggestions to invest in professional audio equipment. Furthermore Kenneth Bremer will define the company PR strategy and work closely with our branches .
The Strategic Marketing role will also support the Sales Division and Research & Development department. Marketing has become more and more strategically important and it is essential to supply all our distributors with the right marketing and sales tools to be competitive in their local market segments. Hence Kenneth Bremer will work closely within the different team members to help improving our communication.
RCF will benefit from this new role, because the company will always be up to date with the fast moving market trends having the right information about what products are most needed in the market, how to address the distribution network, and it will develop an even stronger business relation with our customers .
Kenneth Bremer has a strong business experience and a huge network in the professional audio industry he has been working in this sector for more than 25 years, from retail, distribution and international work. He has implemented some strong sales and marketing efforts, and always delivers a professional job. Kenneth Bremer is a very dedicated and respected person; he is always full of ideas and solutions and forward driven We are very pleased to welcome him in our team.
Kenneth will be mainly based in RCF headquarters in Italy, you can reach him on this email address: