The rap genre has recently been resurrected as the mainstream music in India. Hip-hop artist and rapper Divine, aka Vivian Fernandes, one of the pioneers of the underground Indian hip-hop rap scene, is creating a buzz across the nation with his hard-hitting tracks. In 2019, Divine notably contributed to the soundtrack of Bollywood’s blockbuster musical drama film Gully Boy, inspired by his (and peer Naezy’s) street rapper days.

With his knack for penning his own hits songs, along with an electrifying live act, along with meticulous flow, and his approachable persona, Divine has become hugely popular since founding the Gully Gang. Chennai recently witnessed his high-adrenaline show at Phoenix Market Chennai Courtyard. Along with DJ JD, and rapper Shaw Rule, Divine’s Gully Gang captivated the crowd with his popular numbers.

Soundgear from Chennai were the rental partner who provided an RCF HDL series PA for the event. “We have been in the pro-audio and lighting rental services for the past 12 years. Our main focus is on live sound reinforcement and we handle a lot of live bands and artists, music festivals, corporate gigs and weddings,” says Balaji, Director of Soundgear. He continues, “For the Gully Gang show, we deployed 12 RCF HDL-50A and 12 SUB 8006-AS for FOH. Additionally for both centre fills and delay, six RCF HDL 20-A per side have been deployed for more even coverage across the 2,000 capacity venue. Our client, Phoenix Chennai & Times of India, appreciated our efforts and the band’s sound engineer, Adhiraj Singh, who had the pleasure of operating the system, had nothing but good things to say about it.”

“For Divine, the live experience demands a ton of headroom and power—especially on the LF side. The system allowed for a seamless and clean translation of what I look achieving sonically and I couldn’t have been more pleased. The folk at Soundgear ensured that it was perfectly in tune, and it took very little work to get a superlative mix going. And of course, when you see 2,000 people grooving and having a great time, you know it’s a job done.”

“I’ve always had a great experience with the RCF systems across all the shows I’ve had them on,” states Singh

Rajan Gupta, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Audio Systems, RCF’s Indian distributor who supplied the system to Soundgear, shares his view about the brand.  “The HDL System is an excellent series from RCF, with effective networked control and a fast and easy rigging system.  Being a veteran in the industry, Soundgear recognised the superiority of the HDL series, not only for its ease of use and practicality but for its flawless sound and unrestricted power. For a decade we have been associated with Mr.Bala, and his team has been effectively using RCF for the past seven years.”

“The HDL series is very much popular among rental companies in India” concludes Director Sales of Hi-Tech Audio Systems, Nirdosh Aggarwal. “With our sales strategies supported by technical guidance, we have been able to cater the needs of rental owners and audio engineers alike. We are hoping to accomplish our goals with RCF in 2020 and to that end we are working closely with the Italian brand to offer the best for Indian market.”

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