Corporate 16 Sep 2010

5000 units of TTL33-A line array

5000 units of TTL33-A line arrayWhen RCF revealed the news of the TTL33-A compact 3 way line array model from RCF, it was extremely well accepted from the industry. It quickly became the “mini array that sounds bigger - even in a compact design”
Since the introduction the TTL33-A has been used in lots of applications from local live events to touring and several fixed installations. Professional users, such as rental companies have several times mentioned the TTL33-A as a very powerful tool and highlighting features, such as: Superb compact size, the sound quality, the weight and the ease of configuration and setting up a system.
With the technical features, the design and flexibility of the product, the TTL33-A is popular and has a demand from the end-users, and this has given the product its own award, namely the unit No 5000 is supplied, and this is a milestone for this model.
“With 5000 units working in professional applications world wide is a great step for our TT+ segment. We have been listening a lot to the market segment when we designed the “mini array”, and it looks like the we have targeted the TTL33-A at the right position, when we look at how popular it is, and to see that it still is gaining its position in the market”, says Alessandro Manini - Director of Research and Development
The TTL33-A model comes from the series of Touring and Theatre product segment from RCF designed to match the needs for audio professionals. In this segment RCF are one of the major players worldwide with a range of speaker systems combined with dedicated processing and amplification technologies that are superior in acoustic performance and control technology.