Installation 26 Apr 2016

Waikiki Club installs RCF's TT+ and V-Max Series loudspeakers

The exclusive Waikiki bar/restaurant and private beach is a popular 800-sqm venue in the tropical paradise of Saint Martin, in the Caribbean. Located in the privileged spot of Orient Bay, it was first opened in 1993; with a rich offer of gourmet recipes and fine cocktails, it attracts hundreds of customers all year long, including frequent visits by French VIPs holidaying in the former colony.
At the end of 2014 Waikiki Beach was seriously damaged by the Gonzalo hurricane that hit the Caribbean. At this point the ownership decided to collaborate with audio/visual consultant Mr. Cherix for the sound reinforcement system of the renovated venue — a familiar spot for live jazz and Cuban bands, as well as electro house DJs.
Mr. Cherix, who has worked in the sector for over 10 years, already knew RCF from several installations in France before he decided to move to Saint Martin. Working side by side with Waikiki’s proprietors, he designed the new sound system with a double goal: optimize acoustic performances and get an excellent visual integration.
From RCF’s large product portfolio, the choice fell upon the TT+ and V-Max Series for the main system, composed of 8 x TT22 WP weatherproof active high-output two way speaker and 2 x V218-S passive bass reflex 18’’ subwoofer located under the DJ booth. The large bar and restaurant zone is covered by 10 x MQ 80P two-way speakers for indoors and outdoors and a single S8015 LP band-pass ultra-compact subwoofer in order to improve low frequency response. The whole system is powered by 5 x DPS 3000 and UP 2162 amplifiers, and managed by two DX 4008 four-inputs, 8-output digital processors with special input presets for live bands and orchestras – all from RCF.
“I appreciate the quality of sound delivered by RCF’s products and the reliability of their cabinets,” Mr. Cherix states. “I knew since the beginning that RCF’s amazing Italian sound would be perfect for DJs and clubbers.”
The project was not free from difficulty due to technical and environmental factors, such as the proximity of several hotels that impose limitations in terms of sound emissions, making it a paramount issue. Waikiki Club is partly situated outdoors, in the open air under a steel truss. Therefore speakers had to be placed in multi-diffusion in order to get clarity and punch everywhere. The constant humidity, wind and hot salt air also played a role in the choice of the equipment: “The TT22 WP is a totally weatherproof loudspeaker. As for the subwoofers, we opted for the V-Max Series that comes with a weather-resistant polyurea finish, to guarantee the products’ endurance in harsh weather conditions. The owners of Waikiki are greatly satisfied and have stated that this is probably one of the best sound systems on the island,” Mr. Cherix reports.
The new sound system at Waikiki covers the restaurant, bar and club. An extension on the private beach area is being currently installed with 4 x V35 full-range passive two-way speakers, to ensure powerful and clear sound to guests who prefer to keep their feet in the sand. The speakers will be placed directly on palm trees with a special enclosure that ensures protection and a good aesthetic result.

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