The Valli Theatre in Reggio Emilia, Italy chooses the RCF TT+ for Kiev's Opera Ballet

Thursday January the 17th the Kiev's Opera Ballet, one of the most important ballets worldwide, performed the "Sleeping Beauty" at the Valli Theatre in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Andrea Gabbi, Stage and Technical Director of Valli Theatre, with the cooperation of Luca Cattini and Fabio Festinese, chose the RCF's TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre to amplify the music of the important show, which was composed by Cajkovskij in 1899.
The system used for the show:
2 TT22-A high output 2 way speakers 2 TT25-Ahigh output 2 way speakers 2 TTS18-A subwoofers
Andrea Gabbi said: "the RCF system used for the show of the Kiev's Opera Ballet was the perfect solution for our needs. It provided a precise and deep sound with superb quality and definition. The speakers were also very compact, which is a very important feature in theatres, in order to don't disturb the audience's vision of the show."
All pictures were shot by the photographer Alfredo Anceschi