Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 02 Mar 2011

The new Plaza Bar in Zagreb installs RCF

The newly opened Plaza Bar in Zagreb, Croatia is a lounge bar were modern art and fancy decoration create a beautiful environment implemented with the latest technology of audio and video.
Music is an important part of the concept of Plaza Bar and therefore extremely important is to have a sound system that works perfectly in the early evening hours when music should be more in the background and later to be played at a higher level.
The installation is a combination of 24 ceiling speakers and 4 pcs RCF TT22A that are ceiling mounted. 2 pcs RCF 4PRO 8001AS subwoofers are placed on the floor build in a special wooden cabinet to match the decoration of the lounge area.
RCF AM 1122-N integrated amplifier together with 4 individual amps are driving the system installation.
Croatian RCF distributor Oktava realised the project of the Plaza Bar in collaboration with Dacco. It was a perfect match of two companies to do the Plaza Bar installation. Dacco is distributor of exclusive high-end hifi and installations products and Oktava is distributor of Pro Audio equipment.
Together they created a very high-class installation.
“It was a pleasure to do the installation in the Plaza Bar. The concept is to maintain a high level of visual impression based on the choice of furniture, decoration and fulfils the lounge concept and also at the same time to invest in a quality sound system that can deliver a high standard”, says Nino - Oktava
So check out the Plaza Bar in the city centre of Zagreb.