Corporate 01 Sep 2014

Statement about copies of RCF transducers in China

RCF strengthens its efforts in preventing manufacturers to use copies of RCF transducers. The RCF reputation of good quality and reliable products is at risk due to the widespread copies of our transducers. It was discovered by our distributor of transducers, LDH Audio, that a direct Chinese OEM customer of RCF used copies, for that we implemented counter measures.
I. Verification of RCF serial numbers RCF serial number can be verified on our web site in the section of “Products”, then “Product Registration”
II. Registration of products Once a product is registered (please follow the steps described in the product registration) and you verify the serial number, you will get the message that this product has been registered already. This will avoid using existing RCF serial numbers by other parties.
III. Legal measures If RCF discovers that a manufacturer produces or uses RCF copies we will start legal measures against them.
Once any party finds out fake RCF transducer copies, you may contact immediately our distributor for transducers in China, LDH Audio. Together with LDH Audio, we will continue to fight against this issue in China.