Event 17 Sep 2015

Starting the countdown for the big celebration of Luciano Ligabue with RCF

The Italian music event of the year results from a 100% local collaboration: the artist, the location and an avant-garde sound system, for a total power of 2 million watt
The town of Reggio Emilia is getting ready for the big party on Saturday 19th September, when fans from the whole Italy will gather in the Capovolo concert area for Luciano Ligabue. The event is meant to be the longest concert he has ever made, and a spectacular celebration for his 25 years of career.
Luciano Ligabue comes from Reggio Emilia, therefore the location chosen for the occasion has a special meaning. The sound system is also original from Reggio Emilia – the impressive audio system for the concert area of 240K square metres was produced by local company RCF. Two million watt of power will guarantee an excellent and homogeneous quality of sound to the public up to the very last row, as assured by the technical staff that has been working at Campovolo for days to make sure that the concert turns out a success.
The installed loudspeakers are RCF’s top quality Touring and Theatre (TT+) Series, that are innovative products created using avant-garde audio technologies to ensure high sound definition. RCF was founded in Reggio Emilia back in 1949 and today is a leader company in the international audio industry, thanks to a longstanding commitment to constant technology innovation.
The collaboration between the two “fellow citizens” RCF and Luciano Ligabue started a few years ago and has benefited from the important contribution of the CEO of rental company Nuova Service, Mr. Willy Gubellini, that ensures first-class production standards. In 2012 and 2013 RCF supported the singer at London’s Royal Albert Hall, where he held a few successful concerts. In 2013 Ligabue performed in the city of Verona during the unforgettable and inspiring Seven Nights at the Arena tour, with the support of TT+ Series loudspeakers. The star and the company worked together again in 2014 during the Mondovisione tour, that was amplified by RCF on all Italian dates. The management and the artist required a customized version of the loudspeakers, instead of the classical black color.
On Saturday 19th September the gates will open at 8 am, and the concert starts at 8.30 pm. The show is awaited with eagerness not only by thousands of fans, but also by all professionals who worked to make this big celebration possible. We wish everybody a lot of fun, and a happy 25th anniversary to Luciano Ligabue.