RCF’s Spanish partner Sonort recently specified HDL 30-A on the main EDM stage at the BBK Live Festival, close to their headquarters in Bilbao—part of an all RCF package.

Promoted by Last Tour International, the open-air event in the Basque region takes place at Kobetamendi, located in the spectacular Mount Kobetas, Bilbao's largest park on a 110,000 square meters area.
The previous three years have seen Sonort operating in a sub-contracted role but this year they provided the complete technical infrastructure for the three EDM stages: Basoa (holding 7,000), Lasai (cap 2,000) and Akelarre (cap 1,000). All were equipped with RCF.

Explained Sonort’s technical manager Ricardo Carus, “We had to convince the promoters and production managers that performance was more important than the brand, and that RCF offered the best solution. With the direct support of RCF and our new configuration—with the subs in a row across the front of the stage and tops flown—the result was far better than in previous years.”

It indeed provided an optimum scenario for headliners such as Laurent Garnier, John Talabot and Honey Dijon, as well as the roster of EDM artists who appeared on the three stages, and production managers, artist managers, bookers and artists alike all remarked at how impressed and surprised they were by the sound system. This included Last Tour International, who said they were more than satisfied with the choice of RCF. One of the DJs who performed in Basoa, Alvaro Cabana from Madrid, said that “in my almost 25 years of working clubs and festivals this is the place I have had most fun in the DJ booth.” He said he was hugely impressed with the power and quality of sound.
"The result was far better than in previous years. We received hundreds of good critiques on social networks." Ricardo Carus

Laurent Garnier, John Talabot, Bicep, Ketiov, Dustin and Casper Tielrooij were others who provided positive feedback about the stage and particularly sound quality. Added Ricardo, “In addition to those who came up to us in person, we received hundreds of good critiques on the social networks.” The sound design on the various stages was as follows:

BASOA: This was in a circular configuration using 8 x 4m high Layher towers. Production flew three HDL 30-A in each tower, with around 27m distance between each tower. For outfill coverage from the circle, Sonort installed four RCF TT 22-A II. For the sub configuration, they designed a double row, one on top of the other, each comprising seven SUB 9006-AS and for frontfills, they specified a pair of RCF ART 712-A MK2.

For their own reference sound, DJs were equipped with two TT 25-CXA and two SUB 9006-AS monitors.
“For this stage we used RDNet software, configuring eight independent arrays to make the sound response more homogeneous, and using our hygrometer/thermometer to give the information to RDNet and ensure the same response at 5:00pm as at 7:00am.
"In my almost 25 years of working clubs and festivals, this is the place I have had most fun in the DJ booth." Alvaro Cabana

“For the subs we used function arc to open the lobule and make the sub wider, covering all 27m width of the circle and delivering the same feeling of bass power and fidelity across the entire area.”

LASAI: On this stage Sonort used a quadrophonic configuration with four towers, each stacking a pair of RCF NXL 23-A on top of two NX S25-A subwoofers. For stage monitoring, two TT 25-CXA and two SUB 8003-AS II were deployed.
AKELARRE: This was designed in a conventional stereo configuration, with two towers each stacking two NXL 23-A on top of two NX S25-A. Completing the system, and providing extra LF punch, Sonort deployed two 4PRO 8003-AS in the center, while reference monitoring was again in the shape of a pair of TT25 CXA and two SUB 8003-AS II.
Prior to the event, RCF’s Lucio Boiardi provided training at their Reggio Emilia HQ and Sonort acquired additional equipment to see them safely through the summer season
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