Event 08 Sep 2015

Running with RCF at the Vienna Marathon

The Vienna City Marathon was held this year on April 12th, attracting over 42000 runners from all over to world to compete on a carefully planned track among Vienna’s most beautiful monuments, and supported by the excited cheer of the crowd. The audio system for the whole event was provided by local company Yoursolutions with RCF Touring and Theatre Series products, that were placed in various points throughout the 42 km of the itinerary.
Starting in Vienna International Centre, the marathon’s route crosses the Danube and gets to the green urban oasis of the Prater Park. Then it keeps running along the Danube’s canal until Ring Road, it continues from the State Opera until the Schonbrunn Palace, goes back towards the Ring and the Prater and ends at the finish line in Heldenplatz.
The start and finish of the marathon were equipped with 7 units of TTL55-A, 24 units of TTL33-A active three-way line array module, and 7 units of TTS36-A active high power subwoofer. RCF TT+ Series products were also placed in several intermediate points – namely TT22-A II and TT1-A active speakers, TTL31-A active line arrays, as well as TTS36-AS and TTS18-A active subwoofers. Moreover, a total of 52 units of RCF ART 312-A active three-way speaker were used to provide additional sound reinforcement for the public.
“We have been using RCF’s products since 2007,” states Heinrich Schiller, CEO of Yoursolution. “Behind our choice for the Vienna Marathon there is a genuine trust in the company’s wide range of products, that is able to offer solutions to diverse needs with great sound reproduction and reliability.”

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