RCF sound system for the Festival Concerte in Côte d'Ivoire

An audience of 40.000 people acclaimed the most famous artists of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), during the Festival Concerte, one of the most significant cultural events in the Country.
Thanks to the great cast and audience, the 2008 edition has been a very special one and all the sound reinforcement system for the show was composed by RCF products.
Milanais Servie, RCF distributor for the Country, handled all the technical aspects for the event, providing the most appropriate system in order to obtain the perfect audio coverage for the huge area where the concert took place. The system was composed by: - 24 TTL33-A (12 per side) - 16 TTS28-A (8 per side) - 10 Art 325-A as stage monitor - 12 4PRO 7001-A (6 per side) - 8 TT25-A (4 per side) - 8 4PRO 8001-AS (4 per side)
Vazoumana Soumahoro of Milanais Servie commented: " RCF sound system was the natural choice for this show, in fact, thanks to the great success of the TT+ Series, RCF is the reference brand for the professional audio sector and musicians of Côte d'Ivoire".
The cast of the show was composed by: Meiway, Gadji Celi, Kajeem, Beta Simon, Nash, O'nel Mala, Maria Adé, Yodé&Siro, Les Patrons, Petit Denis, Dezy champion e Kedjevara Dj. The Orchestre de la Mairie du Plateau played along with the artists.