Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 06 Feb 2023

RCF Sound Delights at the Casa Coppelle Food and Wine Experience

Rome, Italy — Casa Coppelle offers French and Italian fine dining in a refined setting in the center of Rome. A complete immersion in taste, that also delights the ears, with the detail and acoustical comfort of the RCF Compact Series speaker system, powered by DMA 162 matrix amplifiers.

There are restaurants where the food and wine experience are completed by tickling the other senses, where emotion is made up of many elements. Casa Coppelle is a place that tells a story of intimacy and elegance, "The eternity of Rome and the elegance of Paris." As stated by Rachele Guenot, owner of Casa Coppelle. In the historic heart of Rome, Casa Coppelle offers Mediterranean cuisine with a strong sensory impact, which pays close attention to the preparation of sauces and desserts, two foundations of the history of French gastronomy. The environment is elegant, with its unique décor and style. The hand of the architect Jacques Garcia, author of the restyling of the restaurant, is clear and firm so as to make Casa Coppelle easily distinguishable among all the works of the transalpine artist.

To assure the best experience that a high-end restaurant can offer, Casa Coppelle needed a sound system that could provide an excellent background music experience and, why not, even a little musical boost for events and celebrations in the main hall. To find the best acoustic solution, the restaurant relied on VDM Group, a Roman company with a long history in the recording and high-definition audio category. “Casa Coppelle is a restaurant that surrounds guests with visual chiaroscuro, intimate and comfortable,” says Igor Fiorini, owner of VDM Group.“Today, in addition to the interiors, the sound is also part of the architecture of the place."

“We were looking for a system that would accompany the meal with a delicate and suspended sound, able to gracefully combine with conversations without ever overlapping and disturbing the intimacy of the moment.” Fiorini continues, “at the same time, we were looking for a reliable and professional system, which is easy to control and manage,  even by the restaurant staff. As soon as I heard about the new RCF DMA half rack unit amplifiers, I asked to try them with quality speakers, and we proposed the system to Casa Coppelle”. The installation comprises four RCF COMPACT M 08 loudspeakers with horizontal wall brackets and two 320 Watts DMA 162 matrix amplifiers. An RC 401 panel controller was also installed to control the system from the room, allowing volume management, quick source selection, and a mute button.

“The RCF team has found an excellent compromise between robustness, ease of installation, and sound quality.", Fiorini says "Once the system was installed and the DMA connected via RDNet, we applied custom equalization to optimize the sound performance in the room. We especially like the DMA because it integrates a practical internal DSP. The restaurant management was thrilled. Looking back, RCF was an excellent choice.”

The Compact M loudspeaker series and the DMA amplifiers are part of the RCF Business Music family, premium range systems created following the considerable demand for professional audio systems in fixed installations. “The Compact M series combined with DMA amplifiers is undoubtedly one of the best-performing systems on the installation market. We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from our customers”, says Yuri Casi, RCF sales director for Install Audio and Transducers segments. 

"For us, customer comfort is a priority, which is why we relied on VDM sound to find the best sound. The result is superlative, and the sound texture now becomes a significant part of the gastronomic experience in Casa Coppelle", concludes Rachele Guenot.

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