Installation 16 Sep 2020

RCF scores at the San Marino Stadium

Located on Mount Titano, the San Marino Stadium is the homonymous microstate’s football facility. It was born in 1969, known as Serravalle Stadium. The complete renewal in recent times led to the construction of a service tower with infirmaries, gym, physiotherapy, an extensive press room and TV studios, a large LED wall, and a newly renovated RCF audio system.

Placed a few hundred meters from the border with Italy, it is among the first stadiums in the world to have adopted a synthetic/natural mixed turf; it has a total capacity of 5,000 seats, and hosted matches of the European Under 21 Championship in 2019. San Marino Stadium also held the opening ceremonies of the Games of the Small States of Europe in 1985, 2001, and 2017 and the editions of Rally Legend since 2002. The sports facility is ratified as UEFA category 3 facility. It also hosts the Nationals of the Republic of San Marino, the San Marino Championship and Titano Cup, and the Champions and Europa League preliminaries.

“After investing in a large LED wall, we were confident that a pro-quality audio system would increase audience engagement during matches and events,” comments Elya Bonifazi of the Organization Department of the San Marino Football Federation. The San Marino Football Federation deals with all sports investments in the stadium, with facilities and technologies that will be freely accessible to all other National activities. “When the Football Association decided to upgrade the audio system, I reviewed all offers from the best brands. Then I heard the RCF systems in some stadiums and I had no doubts; it is the most suitable system for our structure. Having carried out a tender with the installation companies, we were able to have one of the best audio systems in the world and we are sure that our public will also be able to appreciate its sound quality”.

Given the intended use and the roofing height, the system design included a distributed system consisting of eight [8] P 3115T coaxial speakers hung under the roof and six [6] P 3115T coaxial speakers for the covered part of the South Grandstand and two [2] speakers coaxial P6215 for the uncovered section. In addition, there are two [2] P 6215s to be used for the sound reinforcement of the field. Two [2] HS 2200 subwoofers were installed to complete the system, providing adequate thrust across the entire sound spectrum.

The P 3115T and P 6215 are two-way coaxial, weatherproof speakers also included in the system design. Optimal coverage is achieved with they’re constant directivity horns and have enough power and efficiency suitable for a wide variety of applications, both outdoors and indoors.


said Fernando Casadei, Director of the Organization Department, and Michele Raschi, Operations Manager of the San Marino Football Federation. “The system suggested by RCF's Engineering Support Group was calculated with great precision. Once installed and tested, we found an incredible perfection of speech and music throughout the stadium area," concludes Elya Bonifazi. “We were sure we would improve the sound quality of our facility, but I didn't think it sounded so clear and powerful. It's like listening to a live concert."

“Sound is fundamental for the public’s engagement and for the success of any event. We are really happy with the qualitative improvement of the sound."
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