Installation HOTELS AND SPA 20 Jun 2024

RCF Refines the QC New York Spa Experience

Nestled on Governors Island, just five minutes from downtown Manhattan, QC New York Spa offers a tranquil escape with its panoramic outdoor pools and stunning city skyline views. Open all year, this spa destination now provides an enhanced auditory experience with a new RCF sound system, elevating both the ambiance and the auditory experience for visitors.

The installation incorporates a range of RCF products from the Installed Sound Series, suited for both indoor and outdoor settings, within the spa. Selected audio solutions include the compact DM 41, weather-resistant MR 50T and MR 40T speakers, driven by ES 3080 and DMA 162 matrix power amplifiers. The system’s connection topology is designed to support diverse playlists across various rooms, fine-tuning the sound for various moods and spaces.

"A notable feature of the spa’s winter setup is the use of MR 40T speakers, designed for weather resistance, to ensure that the sound quality remains pristine in all weather conditions." Says Luca Artoni from the RCF Engineering Support Group, who managed the technical aspects of the system. "These speakers are part of a unique system in a temporary tunnel that connects the building exits to the outdoor pools during colder months, shielding guests from the chill while ensuring a seamless sound experience."

Gilles Cheney, Audio Video Designer of QC Spa of Wonders, expresses his satisfaction with the RCF installation at QC New York: "The quality of sound and the smooth installation process have been essential in enhancing our spa’s atmosphere. The RCF system complements the natural surroundings of Governors Island and enriches our guests' experience by delivering clear and well-balanced audio throughout our outdoor spa areas."

By choosing durable, high-quality equipment capable of handling the challenges of hot, cold and humid settings, QC New York Spa secures its place as a top-tier relaxation destination for locals and tourists alike in New York City. This careful incorporation of sound technology not only complements the physical luxuries of the spa but also plays a crucial role in creating an overall atmosphere that invites tranquility and relaxation.

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