Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 20 May 2024

RCF P Series Elevates Skierniewice Municipal Stadium Sound

In March 2024, Skierniewice's Municipal Stadium in Poland reopened its doors to the public after a significant 12M$ transformation. This extensive modernization effort has transformed the venue into a premier hub for both sports and cultural events, providing unparalleled sound experiences for athletes and spectators alike.

The stadium's comprehensive overhaul includes a series of enhancements aimed at elevating the spectator experience. Noteworthy additions include two covered pitches accessible year-round to sports clubs and local school students, modernized lighting, LED screens, advanced surveillance systems, ball catchers, and a powerful RCF sound system. Tommex, the official RCF distributor for Installed Sound products, expertly designed, delivered, commissioned, and finely tuned the system.

This highly advanced sound system stands out as a cornerstone of the stadium's modernization, turning every game into a memorable event. "We chose the P Series for superior sound quality, reliability and ability to create a unique ambiance," comments Tommex commercial director Marcin Zimny. “The system ensures that music, announcements, and other audio playback are delivered effectively, enhancing the overall experience for attendees."

Key to achieving stellar audio performance is the RCF P Series models P 2110T and P 6215, passive speakers known for their dynamic sound capabilities. Designed for both large outdoor and indoor spaces, this system can deliver concert-level performances to the stadium, offering a compact yet powerful solution. Their installation, whether individually or in array configurations, provides clear, high-quality sound that reaches every corner of the venue.

The P Series speaker line is engineered for optimal coverage and clarity, featuring RCF Precision Transducers, horns, and waveguides. The cabinets' design, with coaxial or coplanar woofers and horns, ensures identical coverage on both the left and right sides of the stadium. This setup not only delivers powerful sound but also maintains intelligibility and even coverage for every seat.

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