Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 25 Nov 2010

RCF at Tonic Bar Times Square New York

Tonic Bar & Restaurant is one of the places that sports fan from all over the world are visiting.
With the location at the Times Square, the most commercial intersection in the world, you are at the best spot in the world.
The impression you get of this multilevel bar is unbelievable. At the first floor there is 25 large Plasma & LCD TV’s and a large marble top bar. The second floor is a restaurant with a full international menu. At the Tonic Bar facility there are also private bars to special events. The Tonic Bar complex is where “evening & nightlife” is happening at the Times Square.
Recently the Tonic Bar installed new sound systems and the company Foundation Audio did the installation with several RCF products.
Justin Shafran from Foundation Audio tells about the speaker installation: At the second floor we flew the 4 H1315 in the four corners of the room. 30 degree tilt down to optimize the throw distance of the speakers with the length of the room. We added 2 S8028 side by side to one side of the room dedicated to the dance area and 1 S8028 to the other to add some extra low frequencies to the bar area. 

At the first we flew 2 C5215L at each sides of the room for side fill and the last 5 C5215 on U Brackets on the wall facing the bar at a 45 degree down angle. The Wall speakers are 8.5' off the floor and the 2 flown C5215 are 9.5 feet from the floor. The ART 410A is being used as a DJ monitor.

Where audio and video excellence is second to none is the “motto” of Foundation Audio, and if you visit the Tonic Bar at Times Square, and listening to the RCF speakers in action, you will experience this.