Installation 27 May 2024

RCF Amplifies Elegance for Marina, Italy's Largest Musical Dancing Fountain

Palermo, Italy - The Marina Fountain is the latest addition to Palermo Marina Yachting Park. Every evening the lake transforms into a stage, showcasing majestic water and light choreography set to captivating music. RCF has provided a centrally installed audio system on the lake to ensure optimal sound enjoyment along the entire promenade.

The Marina Fountain is named after the mermaid child from Gianni Rodari's beloved story, "The Mermaid of Palermo," a tale of love and inclusion. The mermaid is embraced by a poor fisherman's family in Palermo, where she unveils her remarkable talent for telling stories, "from all peoples and all times." Similarly, the Marina Fountain enchants passersby, visitors, and the workers of the Port of Palermo with its magical display.

The fountain project was commissioned by Cler—Cooperative of Roman Electrical Workers and created in partnership with local firm Ennegi Service srl. Forme d'Acqua developed the fountain's management technology for all water and light choreographies in collaboration with light designer architect, Simona Marta Favrin—FavrinDesign.

To maximize sound impact, ensure perfect synchronization between music and water features, and achieve 360-degree sound distribution, an audio system with full-range RCF speakers was installed inside the lake near the fountain.

“The audio system comprises six HL 2290 speakers arranged to cover the lake's entire 6,000 sqm perimeter,” explains Nico Tarantino, head of the Technology and Special Systems Division at Ennegi Service srl.“A 28-unit rack houses a DX 1616 processor and six RCF IPS Class-D amplifiers that drive the high frequencies (IPS 1.5K model) and low frequencies (IPS 2.5K). The rack also includes a player from Forme D’acqua that synchronizes audio and pump controls via DMX." 

Tarantino continues, "Working with the RCF Engineering Support Group allowed us to fine-tune the processor and the strategic speaker placement. We achieved constant and clear coverage throughout the location, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the show at any point in the promenade.” The song selection is managed remotely via a smartphone, tablet, or PC using an app, developed by Forme d’Acqua.

"RCF has given Marina the clear and powerful voice we desired,” says Gianluca Orazio, CEO of Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains. “Just like a siren, from which it takes its name, its voice attracts and enchants those who hear it. Thanks to RCF, the fountain provides a unique and immersive experience, achieved through a custom audio system composed of cutting-edge equipment and technology that fully meets our design needs and performance requirements."

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