Corporate 05 Jul 2010

P5228-L Array system

The P5228-L weatherproof full range, two way line array speaker module represents the latest addition to the P Series range by RCF and, thanks to its 500 W RMS power, is the perfect solution for large array sound reinforcement outdoor installations such as stadia, sports arena and other mid-to-large venues.
High output combined with astonishing Pro Audio quality is guaranteed by state of the art RCF Precision transducers.
The high frequency section includes two constant directivity CMD horn, each loaded with a 1” RCF Precision neodymium compression driver with a 1.75” diaphragm assembly for smooth, wide horizontal dispersion and highly controlled 20° vertical coverage.
The low frequency transducers are two 8” woofers with a 2.5” voice coil that ensure tight, punchy and defined bass.
The P5228-L is a full weatherproof IP 55 (International Protection Rating) speaker and therefore suitable for outdoor applications.
The cabinet is a single piece rotational moulded enclosure, made in medium density polyethylene, fully UV protected equipped with 4 x M8 brass inserts and a stainless steel U-Bracket.
Connections to the amplifier are made through an IP67 watertight multipole connector. The grille is in custom perforated aluminium with open-cell fibers and water repellent woven fabric backing.
The new P5228-L is perfect for: - Stadia - Sport Arenas - Theme Parks