Corporate 20 Feb 2023

RCF Releases GLL Speaker Definition Files for ART 9 Series

RCF Engineering Team has announced the release of GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) Data for ART 9 Series speakers, useful for the design and simulation of the system in EASE and EASE Focus 3 software

The newly released GLL files allow our users to accurately model and visualize the performance of RCF speakers in various configurations and environments. This data is an essential tool for audio professionals, helping them to make informed decisions about system design and optimization concerning loudspeaker placement, EQ settings, and other critical aspects.

EASE - Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers Software Suite provides system designers and consultants with an invaluable set of tools for all aspects of professional sound installations. From detailed, realistic modeling and simulation of venue acoustics and sound system performance, to informative and engaging client presentations, and also provides professional data assessment and verification.



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EASE Focus 3 is a free-to-use acoustic simulation program for 3D modeling of line arrays, sub-arrays, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers. With EASE Focus 3, system designers can simulate the acoustical performance of a complete RCF sound system to find the optimal setup for a given venue with multiple audience areas, curved and inclining seating. Focus 3 assists the user with many intelligent features such as Auto Splay functions, Virtual EQ, detailed analysis of sound coverage, SPL, and frequency response.



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GLL Definition Files

In EASE, each loudspeaker is described by a system definition profile which contains the mechanical, electronic, and acoustic properties of the loudspeaker system. All available GLL files for RCF Audio speakers can be downloaded at the end of each product page in the Software Section.

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