Event 14 Jun 2016

Harlem Globetrotters Choose RCF for 90th Anniversary Tour

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters have set out on their 90th anniversary tour schedule entertaining audiences worldwide with their fun, frolicking and frivolity basketball exhibitions. Their family entertainment games combine athleticism, theatrics and comedy that is fun for all.
An important part of their events are the need for communication with the audience. For that, they have selected a portable public address system comprised of RCF NXL24-A column array mounted on top of a SUB8004-AS subwoofer. In preparation for this year’s tour, the Globetrotters were looking for a low profile column array style product that would provide the proper coverage, not impede sight lines, and easy to transport. Working with Phoenix-based AVDB, they found a solution with the RCF NXL24-A.
Having some familiarity with RCF products and knowing the quality of their sound, AVDB engineer David Olson suggested looking at the NXL24-A. “We went down to the Phoenix Suns arena and set up two of the NXL24-A with the subwoofers at one end of the court and found we could fill the bowl completely,” he stated. “As we walked the room, across and up the other side, and we didn’t lose any fidelity whatsoever. We were impressed with the coverage and power, and the musicality and linear response.”
The system features the RCF NXL24-A, a two-way active column array with four 6” transducers and a 2.5” high frequency compression driver. Its compact size – only 8” wide and 42” tall – makes it both low profile and easy to transport. And being active with a 1400-watt amplifier, it makes for an easy set-up for the Globetrotters’ crew. The NXL24-A is pole mounted on top of the RCF SUB8004-AS, a 2500-watt 18” active subwoofer. The speakers are used for court and courtside coverage. All speakers are placed in the main floor audience entranceway tunnels facing in towards center court.
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