AC/DC's Power Up Tour Electrifies RCF Arena with GTX System Extensions

Reggio Emilia, Italy—AC/DC delivered their hallmark electrifying performance to over 100,000 fans at the RCF Arena as part of the Italian leg of their Power Up Tour. The concert, supporting their seventeenth studio album, featured TT+ Audio’s GTX 12 line arrays as the delay system, ensuring a superior audio experience throughout the sprawling venue.

For the first time, the RCF Arena, known for its vast open space, was entirely covered by GTX 12 line arrays, without added subwoofers. Extending the main sound system provided by the tour production, the GTX 12 excelled in delivering crisp, consistent sound with deep, tactile bass response down to 35 Hz. With the legendary Paul ‘Pab’ Boothroyd at the helm of the analog Midas XL4 console, the setup maximized sound coverage and clarity, making every note of AC/DC’s powerful hits resonate perfectly with the audience.

The GTX 12 three-way line array module is noted for its high-end Precision Transducers that generate excellent reproduction quality with optimized directivity. Its ability to deliver a maximum sound pressure level of 148 dB with low distortion ensures powerful sound output across large venues. The system features a sophisticated 90° x 10° 4PATH waveguide and symmetrical three-way architecture for precise sound dispersion and operates efficiently with XPS 16K amplifiers, with each unit powering three line array modules with utmost efficiency. The four-channel XPS amplifiers provide advanced DSP features including FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control processing.

“GTX 12 delivers full-range audio performance, allowing for powerful low-end frequencies and crystal-clear highs. We installed four arrays with 16 GTX 12 modules for the near delay towers and six arrays with 14 modules each for the far delay towers, each array was powered using two TTR 16K racks. Six TTS 56-A double 21" subwoofers supporting the lower part of the spectrum were installed under each line array for a total of 60 subs. The system was controlled remotely from the FOH (Front of House) position or wirelessly throughout the venue with RDNet,” says Emanuele Morlini, system engineer of the TT+ Audio Team.

Lucio Boiardi Serri, TT+ Audio product specialist, adds: “The redundant audio routing featured analog and Dante connections feeding ten CR 16-ND control racks distributing audio via AES/EBU and analog to twenty TTR 16K racks for a total of [148] GTX 12 modules and [60] XPS 16K amplifiers. This setup ensured that every fan in the venue experienced the concert with the visceral intensity that AC/DC’s music demanded.”

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