• Easy plug
  • IN-OUT signal
  • Remote control

With AC RD-NET IN/OUT Plug - modules installed, RCF TT+ systems can be remotely controlled and monitored using RD Net software. A Windows-based application, this interface provides an intuitive, easy to use platform for system configuration and operation of RCF TT+ devices in the network chain. RD Net System Architect enables the unified layout of onscreen product control surfaces, and simple preset configuration of an entire system made up of RCF TT+ products. Advanced remote control and diagnostic capabilities, control panel for 8 band full parametric Eqs, delays, and the recall of presets on all connected RCF TT+ devices are included. In addition, the application enables a user to change and store parameter values in multiple products across the RD Net network.

Part number:

EAN 8024530015060

Specifiche tecniche
Specifiche generali
Remote Control
Control Panel
Conformità agli standard
Safety agency:
CE compliant
0.08 kg / 0.18 lbs
Informazioni di spedizione
Altezza imballaggio:
90 mm / 3.54 inches
Larghezza imballaggio:
170 mm / 6.69 inches
Profondità imballaggio:
170 mm / 6.69 inches
Peso imballaggio:
0.21 kg / 0.46 lbs

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