Installation 13 Sep 2017

St. Lawrence Martyr Enjoys Revival with RCF VSA

(Edison, New Jersey) While celebrating a 150 year history, St. Lawrence Martyr in Maryland is also celebrating a spiritual revival the congregation has experienced in the most recent decade. New ministry management has fostered much of the spiritual growth through a Life Teen youth ministry, addition of Adult faith programs and including International Nights to a revitalized welcome ministry. That growth spurred a capital campaign in 2014 to build a new parish complex. On June 3, Baltimore Archibishop William Lori presided over a Dedication Mass blessing the new facility. When facility design was in the planning stages, Michael Klass of Baltimore-based Klassic Sound was referred to provide a solution for their sanctuary sound.

“It wasn’t an easy room to work with,” noted Klass. “It was basically a concrete room with the only sound absorption being the carpeting on the floor. And with high vertical ceilings, we were dealing with a highly reverberant environment.”

“It wasn’t an easy room to work with,”

As a Catholic church and parish center, the sanctuary serves a multi-functional purpose from services to musical performances. Parish principles worked with Klass’ company, known in the region for event production and sound reinforcement capabilities. Considering a solution, Klass turned his attention to the RCF VSA vertical steerable arrays.

“The church wanted something sleek and low profile,” Klass comments, “And I needed to provide a solution with the steering capability to control room reverberations while also providing the horsepower for the performance needs of the church.” Klass recommended the RCF VSA2050, coupled with a Turbosound subwoofer for some low frequency enhancement. “The steering did just what I expected it to do, and what I told the church it would do.” Working with the RCF VSA User Control, “Programming was very simple,” says Klass, “And we heard the steering ‘pop’ into place very quickly.”

“The church wanted something sleek and low profile,”
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