Event 07 Nov 2013

Soundline Serves Up Awesome Audio with RCF at Stuttgart Beer Fest

The Cannstatter Wasen may well be one of the fairest of fairs and it is certainly among the world's biggest. Every year more than three million people come to enjoy a wealth of offerings extended by 320 exhibitors and caterers in and around the large beer tents.
The Göckelesmaier tent, a historic venue with a rich heritage, holds over 3,800 people in its main seating area and VIP boxes. Measuring 70 by 42 meters, it treats audience to culinary delights and varied entertainment. All kinds of events and live acts figure prominently on the stage, including performances by famous bands and artists.
A program as varied as this poses some daunting acoustical challenges. Stringent noise pollution regulations certainly do not make things easier. Soundline, a company from Untermeitingen, stepped up to develop and implement a very special solution for the tent.
The greatest challenge was satisfying the demands of the venue's operator while covering different zones within the tent. Although this does not sound like much of a feat, the situation was tricky. For one, the PA would have to provide uniform SPL and coverage all across the main seating area at very different volumes dictated by the level of crowd noise. The volume for the VIP boxes would have to be individually adjustable by the head waiters to cater to the wishes of the guests in the boxes. Finally, it all had to be incorporated into a noise management plan required by the operator to ensure that the volume outside the tent would not exceed a mean level of 80db (A). So a great deal of planning effort was required to keep from jeopardizing the tent's operating permit.
Once again, Soundline owner-operator Robert Reichle relied entirely on RCF to get the job done. Ease data are available for these systems. They were loaded to Ease and Ease Focus II to generate an accurate 3D simulation and compute the levels for the tent. The outcome provided the basis for the overall sound reinforcement plan, which was then submitted for approval.
"The fact that we had Ease data available for all TT + speakers (RCF Touring & Theatre Series) made it so much easier to prepare the sound reinforcement plan and put it into action. We have been thoroughly satisfied RCF users for years now, and I knew straightaway that we would be able to work out a suitable concept with RCF products," says Robert (Robby) Reichle.
Eight TTL33-A MKII enclosures were deployed for the front-of-house PA. Two TT1-A units served as a front-fill. Six each TTL31-A MKIIs covered the sides, and six TTS-56As and six TTS 36-As were configured in a cardioid set-up. The VIP boxes were equipped with TT08-As and TT052-As.
"It all worked wonderfully. I was very much looking forward to how the Stihl Timber Sports Event would work out with 70HP chainsaws roaring away while speakers the presenters spoke and music was piped in. My expectations, which were very high, were exceeded by a considerable margin," adds Robert with a smile.