Event 22 Apr 2013

RCF Rocks Suhr Guitar Event

EDISON, NJ (April 2013) – When Suhr Guitars decided to demonstrate their high-end guitars to customer and dealers during a live, two-day event, it was important that the sound system be perfect. Suhr guitars are built with the highest quality standards possible and with incredible attention to detail. The end result is an instrument of unparalleled tone crafted from the finest materials available. Top guitar players and support were brought in to showcase the guitars and amps. Notable from the talent pool were Andy Wood, Pete Thorne, Al Estrada, and Doug Aldrich, to name a few.
Fortunately, the RCF line array system utilized for the showcase was more than commensurate with the talent it reproduced. Tom Evans, independent touring FOH engineer, was onsite during the showcase to ensure that the sound for the event was flawless. Recently back from being on the road with Grouplove, he was not familiar with RCF line arrays. "A warehouse is not normally the ideal space for a high-end live listening session, but with the RCF system it sounded terrific," Evans explains. "I had not used RCF before and was incredibly impressed with the sound quality and the even coverage throughout the room." The warehouse was at the Suhr guitar factory in Lake Elsinore, California. Steve McNeil of the Mac West Group, provided the sound reinforcement system and setup. The line arrays consisted of 12 NX L23-A array modules -- flown five per side. Two were placed o nthe stage for front fill. Four TTS28 subwoofers were stacked under the stage for driving low end.
The NX L23-A is a very compact, active, two-way line array loudspeaker module that delivers extraordinary power handling, clarity, flexibility and great sound in a compact, easy to handle and affordable package. The 750 Watt Class-D amplifier module accurately matches the high quality analog signal input board with precise, complex filter response that result in the natural, detailed reproduction of the best radiating designs. The TTS28 is a direct radiating, high output, large format subwoofer that compliments high-efficiency, full range loudspeakers like the NX L23-A line array system. "We mixed 'loud' for two days and the system stayed musical," Evans continues. "It would be loud without being painful which, in my experience, doesn't happen with every system." Evans manned the system at a DiGiCo SD8. The guitars were mic'd with Royer Labs guitar microphones. "We were able to prominently display the quality of the guitars with loud sound that was even throughout the room," concludes Evans. "You know it’s a success when dealers and customers go out of their way to comment on how great the system sounded."