Installation PLACES OF WORSHIP 01 Aug 2023

LAV Project opts for RCF at Franciscan Church and Monastery of St. Nikola Tavelić

The church, built in 1988 and designed by architect Magaš, has an unusual "protruding" form that resembles a dove or ark. After many years, the existing audio system of the church was outdated and produced poor sound quality, facing acoustic challenges due to the large concrete interior surfaces and decorative woodcuts.

To improve sound coverage and speech intelligibility, LAV Project proposed installing new RCF speakers. Four RCF L 2406T W speakers were installed above the altar to cover the congregation area, four RCF DM 41 B speakers in the apses above the seats and choir, two RCF MQ 80P W outdoor speakers above the entrance doors and an RCF MR 40 W control speaker in the sacristy.

The RCF L2406TW is equipped with six 5" woofers and four 1" dome tweeters placed in front of the center woofers. This special design allows coherent dispersion of sound while minimizing echo. The wide horizontal coverage angle and controlled vertical dispersion enable correct sound reproduction over a wide area and help limit microphonics and reverberant sound. In order to improve the intelligibility of the speech on the speakers, we activated the speech filter.

All audio components are controlled by a rack cabinet in the sacristy. New cabling was also installed for all speaker positions. The installed speakers provide natural sound reproduction while blending in visually. The client was very pleased with the results. The new audio system delivers high-quality sound while respecting the church's unique architecture and spiritual atmosphere.>

Sound provider LAV PROJEKT

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