Haus Leipzig renews PA system with RCF HDL 30-A

Haus Leipzig, located in Leipzig, Germany, is an event hall with a long tradition. The building has been in operation as an event venue since 1946. Renovated and managed by a new operator, over 180 events are held each year. Together with the technical service provider colito productions, they recently upgraded the audio system and now rely on the active line array system HDL 30-A from RCF.

Haus Leipzig is characterised by a wide range of different events. The programme includes comedy, cabaret, live music, shows and balls as well as conferences and product presentations. A bandwidth that demands great flexibility from the PA system. Just one reason to choose the HDL 30-A system.

Henrik Dantz, owner of Exclusiv Events Leipzig and operator of Haus Leipzig, on the new system: "We are really very satisfied with RCF's HDL 30-A system. We have many different events, and well-known artists perform in our house, and we receive consistently positive feedback. The acceptance of the new fixed RCF system is very high and costly equipment changes through the use of external PA are virtually non-existent."

We are really very satisfied with RCF's HDL 30-A system

RCF's HDL 30-A system was permanently installed in the building. Haus Leipzig has a stage and a gallery in the main hall, which can also be used as a spectator area. The stage was equipped with 2x 8 HDL 30-A modules each. Depending on whether the gallery is open to the audience, the two upper modules of the line array are used to sound the gallery. If the gallery is open, the HF range is switched on, if no visitors are present at the top, the HF range is deactivated via the RDNet, and only the low-frequency range remains active for coupling. Four cardioid subwoofers placed under the stage complement the system. A requirement that is particularly important due to the structural conditions and the direct proximity to residential buildings. As outfills, one NXL 24-A module is placed on each side of the stage. Additional 4x M602 multifunctional loudspeakers are placed as front fills on the edge of the stage.

The interior of Haus Leipzig is equipped with four columns that support the gallery. On each column colito productions installed two passive RCF M602 modules as delay speakers. The HDL 30-A has the necessary volume to cover the main hall, and due to the perfect coordination with the M602 modules as delay speakers, it was possible to dispense with fills below the level.

Andreas Schöpf, Managing Director at colito productions, on choosing the RCF HDL 30-A system: "From our point of view, upgrading the PA system with the RCF HDL 30-A is exactly the right decision. The diversity of the events and the structural conditions are challenges that the HDL 30-A masters perfectly, and the positive feedback from the artists and production companies prove us absolutely right. The HDL-30 has the necessary volume and sufficient headroom to cover such a room perfectly. Control by the RDNet network also contributes to the positive result."

From our point of view, upgrading the PA system with the RCF HDL 30-A is exactly the right decision
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