German-Japanese Sounds in Siegburg with Sound from RCF TT Systems

The German-Japanese Society in Siegburg organised another concert in the Siegburg City Museum. This time the concert presented the famous Japanese singer Mitsuru Kijo, who, together with the German pianist Holger Mantey, gave a musical crossover of Japanese film music, J-Pop, and some still unreleased pieces from Kijo's pen. To present this extraordinary musical melange in the best possible way, event service provider Uli Hoppert from Siren RnR in Siegburg used audio components from RCF.

Uli Hoppert was responsible for the complete event technology at the Kijo and Mantey concert, including lighting and sound. Siren RnR has been a user of RCF systems for many years, appreciates close contact with the sales department, and trusts the technology and the people behind it. At the concert by Mitsuru Kijo and Holger Mantey, Hoppert set up one unit each of the active TT 515-A and TT 808-AS models to the right and left of the stage, with the TT 515-A stacked on top of the TT 808-AS. The compact and inconspicuous design was predestined for use in the city's "good parlour".

"As the concert was free of charge, the number of spectators could not be predicted in advance. The sound system had to be flexible and follow the motto "one size fits all", which the RCF components did perfectly", says Uli Hoppert about the RCF systems used. "The concert was "only" Mitsuro's voice and a piano - and that was the challenge. A renowned pianist and an outstanding jazz singer mercilessly demonstrate the qualities of a sound reinforcement system. The combination of RCF systems was the right choice here, even for critical ears."

"The RCF systems are incredibly small but have a more than impressive output and simply convince tonally with a gorgeous sound. It's fascinating what is now possible with such a compact design. The combination of high-quality loudspeakers and sophisticated processing in the box makes something like this possible," Hoppert continues.

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