Ensuring the Sonic Excellence of Smèrrig Summer Weekender Festival with RCF Audio

The renowned Smèrrig Summer Weekender Festival in the Netherlands, celebrated for its unique atmosphere, exceptional performances, and distinctive stages, once again opted for state-of-the-art sound from RCF in 2023, following the success of last year’s festival. With multiple stages, each having different sound requirements, choosing the appropriate audio equipment was crucial for the festival's success. With around 10,000 visitors flocking to Engelmeer in den Bosch, the Smèrrig Summer Weekender Festival stands as one of the most esteemed open-air events for electronic music in the Netherlands.

The festival's production was handled by the Dutch event technology specialist Ultrasound Productions, who expertly managed the stage construction, lighting, and audio technology. The list of RCF audio technologies deployed showcases the versatility of the RCF systems and its adaptability for professional use, encompassing nearly 200 products from various lines.

The main stage was equipped with 16 RCF HDL 50-A 4K Line Array Modules as the main hang, supplemented by four RCF HDL 30-A and 15 RCF SUB 9007-AS subwoofers. This robust setup was complemented by four RCF TT 25-CXA, four RCF TT 08-A, and two RCF SUB 8003-AS II. For the Roze Parel stage, Ultrasound relied on 12 RCF HDL 30-A Line Array Modules as the main hang and 14 RCF 9004-AS subwoofers. Additionally, four RCF TT 25-CXA and two RCF TTL 6-A speakers were used. The RCF system was controlled by a unit of RCF Control 8.

The Temple Stage was equipped with eight RCF HDL 50-A 4K Line Array Modules as the main hang, complemented by four RCF TT 25-CXA and eight LA SB 28. The Apfelkorn Clubhouse was effectively powered by two RCF TTL 6-A, four RCF 9004-AS subwoofers, and two RCF ART 312-A. To provide sound to additional areas of the fairgrounds, six RCF ART 312-A speakers were strategically installed. RCF's own-developed management software, RDNet, was employed to control the entire installation.

"We received numerous compliments from artists and their technicians about the exceptional sound quality at the Main stage,” commented Geert Maes, Sales Manager at Ultrasound Productions. “The RCF system was meticulously set up and controlled by our expert sound technician, Luc Verheggen. They were thoroughly impressed by the clarity and power of the HDL 50 line array system."

The Smèrrig Festival is renowned for its unique blend of musical styles and captivating atmosphere. Visitors are treated to an unforgettable experience, immersing themselves in flamboyant and unmistakable stages adorned with unique art displays. For more information about the Smèrrig Summer Weekender Festival and other events in the Smèrrig series, visit www.smerrig.nl.

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