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Come and visit RCF at INFOCOMM

Come and visit RCF at InfoComm, Orlando - June 12-14, Booth 6551

INFOCOMM Booth 6551 (Click here for the Map)

June 12 - 14 2019 ORLANDO, FL, USA 

RCF will highlight a vast range of new products at this year’s InfoComm. The new RCF product line features innovative solutions, design upgrades and exciting new advances in audio technology.  

The RCF M 20X Digital Mixer is a 20x14 channel fully recallable desktop mixing/recording console. Equipped with 11 motorized faders and 16 digitally controlled preamps, it comes in four models — the M 20X, M 20R, M 20XD, M 20 RD. Despite its dimensions, the M 20X packs a whole suite of capabilities built on the acclaimed M 18 mixing platform, such as high-profile preamplifiers and A/D converters, top of class DSP with studio-quality processing, WiFi remote control and a comprehensive set of multitrack recording and playback functions. The mixer offers a total of 20 analog inputs and 14 output mixes, between the balanced analog outputs and the AES/EBU digital output.

The new RCF Business Music Solutions series offers a complete, matched family of products, with full processing power, to enable the design of commercial audio systems for both background and foreground music. The integrated product suite has been conceived for applications requiring high-quality audio and flexible and scalable architecture, allowing distribution of different audio channels in different environments, each with their specific volume level and equalization needs. The series is made up of extremely compact DMA (Digital Mixing Amplifiers) and DPA (Digital Power Amplifiers). Fed by two channels amplifier modules, DMA and DPA drive either WMR (Wall Monitor speakers) or CMR (Ceiling Monitors), these 2-way speakers equipped with either 4”, 5” and 6” transducers, combined with 1” dome tweeter. Expanding the features further, and completing the set-up are the RC 401 Remote Control and BM 404 Paging Console. The Compact M Series speakers, with a range of passive high-quality speakers from 5” to 12” woofers, complete the family.

While RCF has continued to improve its flagship Touring & Theatre products, infusing them with RDNet and FiRPHASE as standard, it has also extended the range, notably with the three-product TTL 4-A series. The new series has been designed to deliver top-quality sound for highly demanding events, both indoors or outdoors, and for small to medium sized areas. Its design provides the audio engineer with the best tonal balance and intelligibility while offering different design options, both in horizontal and vertical arrangement. TTL 4-A (line array), TTW 4-A (wide dispersion) and TTP 4-A (point source) are equipped with 2 x 10” LF woofers and high performance 4.0" compression driver on a rotatable/swappable waveguide. The TTL 4-A waveguide is 100° x 25°, the TTW 4-A offers 100° x 50° dispersion and the TTP 4-A is 60° x 25°. All models are powered by 2 x 1600W Class D amplifiers.

RCF’s HDL Series has expanded with the launch of the HDL 28-A and the new flyable subs HDL 35-AS, HDL 36-AS, and HDL 38-AS. Adopting the same form factor as the HDL 10-A, the RCF HDL 28-A is a compact, active 2-way touring system for small and medium-sized events, offering high SPL with a built-in Class-D amplifier and RDNet management. Ultra lightweight and optimized for vocal applications, it is designed to exceed any performance in the double 10” range.

RCF will present a complete line of AYRA near-field studio monitors, which has been named the AYRA PRO Series, replacing the current AYRA Series. The new range includes four models — three 2-way speakers and one woofer, also equipped with new components. First seen at the recent NAMM Show in California, the full range PRO-5 (5”), PRO-6 (6”) and PRO-8 (8”) are joined by the PRO-10 SUB (10” subwoofer).

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INFOCOMM Booth 6551 (Click here for the Map)

June 12 - 14 2019 ORLANDO, FL, USA 

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