RCF modules opted for SOUNDLINE at Cannstatter Wasen, one of the largest fairs in Germany

The Cannstatter Wasen is one of the largest folk festivals in Germany alongside the Munich Oktoberfest. The fair comprises large tents with visitors enjoying food and beer and music. For the tenth time already, German company SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik with owner Robert Reichle was responsible for the Göckelesmaier festival tent, both at Wasen and at the spring festival. In the Göckelesmaier tent at Cannstatter Wasen, which holds over 4,000 people, Robert Reichle relied on RCF audio equipment: the active Line Array System HDL 30- A was installed at the main stage, supported by numerous TT modules allocated throughout the entire tent.

Robert Reichle, Managing Director of SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik, explains why he chose RCF:

"In addition, the modules are extremely reliable, which is of key importance at a festival of this size.”

Within the Göckelesmaier tent, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik managed the entire event technology, including sound, lighting, stage, rigging, video, LED walls and evacuation sound. A total of 20x HDL 30-A modules plus 8x TTS 56-A as subs and 6 TT+ loudspeakers as side and frontfills were used for the main stage. Further TT modules, suspended from the ceiling, were allocated throughout the entire tent.

SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik controlled the entire system with RDNet. The full list comprises the following RCF modules: 20x HDL 30-A, 8x TTS 56-A, 2x TT 22-A, 2x TT 10-A, 4x TT 2-A, 2x TT 5-A, 10x TT 08- A, 2x TTS 15-A and 12x TT 052-A.

“Because Of The Active Loudspeaker Concept, We Needed No Ampracks, A Huge Benefit Because Of The Very Limited Space Available. We Control Each Speaker Individually Via Rdnet To Ensure The Best Performance.”

Besides the daily Cannstatter Wasen fair program, SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik provided professional support for the traditional Breuninger company event “Breuningers Wasenliebe”, which also took place in the Göckelesmaier tent - this year with German top star Dieter Thomas Kuhn and band. During the entire planning phase Robert Reichle always had to keep an eye on the limited space, the different types of events (show and party bands, brass and marching bands, DJs, ...) and the demanding acoustics the tent offers.

Robert Reichle is particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities of the RDNet control: “RDNet is perfect for our application. We could monitor each loudspeaker at the FOH and dBTechnologies Deutschland GmbH - Hansestr. 93 - D-51149 Köln thus could control them individually from a central location. After all, the system runs continuously for 23 days in spring and 17 days in autumn for the Wasen. We use the delay function in the loudspeakers as well. This greatly simplifies cabling,” explains Robert Reichle, owner of SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik.

Reichle emphasises that both, clients, as well as the artists and visitors, are enthusiastic about the sound and the entire technical performance every year anew. Considering the difference of events, the unique features and demands of a festival tent as a temporary structure and the continuous and lengthy operation, the entire RCF system proves its flexibility, performance and reliability with flying colours.

Information about the company SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik can be found on the website: http://www.soundline-online.de/

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