Rzeszow Cellars Underground Tourist Route

Rzeszow Cellars Underground Tourist Route has officially reopened after a restoration project lasting from the 70s. The Rzeszów Cellars is an interactive cultural institution with a unique system of corridors running under the Rzeszów Market Square, surrounded by residential homes. The route of the underground galleries is 396 m long, includes 25 cellars, and 15 corridors that reach 10 m deep into the ground.

The environment tells the story of the city of Rzeszów through a 5D multimedia experience, playing thematic quizzes and arcade games, that guides travelers through the world of Rzeszów legends and the city's historical events. Tourists also have a chance to see the blueprints for the construction of the Central Industrial Region and learn about the post-war industry of Rzeszów, as well as the cultural and sports achievements linked to the city.

The complex sound system

A complex project such as this would require an adequately designed sound system. TOMMEX, RCF Installed Audio official distributor for Poland, developed and delivered the complete solution, including the electroacoustic system on a Dante network. The wide variety of rooms of Rzeszow Cellars required a different approach for each space to select proper speakers.

Throughout the space, and along the tour route, a complete range of RCF loudspeakers, including the RCF Business Music line, was selected and installed. All wall speakers include WMF 33EN, MQ 50i, MQ 60H, MR 40, MQ 80P, and ceiling speakers MF 33EN, and PL 8X. In key spaces, the system is supported by RCF MQ 90S subwoofers.

The underground cinema


The underground cinema features a 5.1 system based on RCF COMPACT M10 loudspeakers and S 12 subwoofers.


Sound system design and delivery – TOMMEX company. System installation – Asseco Data Systems S.A. company. Photo Courtesy: SLX Sp. z o.o.

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