Corporate 20 Jan 2010

RCF officially unveils the RCF Audio Academy

With more than 60 years of audio legacy, the Reggio Emilia, Italian based company RCF has provided the professional audio industry with many successful products and total designs of complex systems to commercial applications.
One of the key factors behind the company success is the continuing investment into the research and development team, and the many years in the industry has given the company a powerful knowledge and experience, all from the electronic side to the acoustics angle. RCF is also investing a lot into research of new technologies to continue to be a leader and a reference for audio technology business world.
With this background RCF has invested in a new facility, called the RCF Audio Academy, a complex of several demo facilities, classrooms and conference areas. At the Audio Academy there is also a “Room of Sound”, a big area were different applications of audio can be set up, from standard commercial system to complex DSP controlled solutions. The Audio Academy is a perfect place for system integrators, FOH sound engineers, installers, rental and “tomorrows engineers” to participate in courses and have the possibility to learn about new technologies or get updated with the latest developments and trends.
The RCF Audio Academy is based in Reggio Emilia, Italy very close to the RCF headquarters.
“Our goal with the RCF Audio Academy is to share our knowledge and skills to the industry, and the possibility of adding value with more into deep education, and technical training in audio technology and acoustics. We also want to work closely together with universities, to give the possibility of an education course. The RCF Audio Academy is an investment for us. We feel the needs for an Audio Academy and a tutorial system with a vision, and a step forward with providing professional education, and necessary since many applications today are more complex than it was in the past ” says Fausto Incerti, General Manager of RCF.
The RCF Academy is open for the audio industry and there are frequently courses and seminars in audio segments like: Indoor Acoustics, Conference Systems, Fixed Installations, Live Events, Sound Diffusion and EVAC Systems, Design and Installations etc. The RCF Audio Academy host lectures with professional teachers from the industry and organisations, and also events headed by RCF staff and R&D department.
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