Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 22 Jul 2018


Located in Urvillers in northern France, on the site of the mythical Xenon, Helios has no comparable club between Paris and Belgium. After a special opening night on Tuesday, May 29th, Hélios opened its doors to the public on Friday, June 1st. The three years extensive development work has followed a course that some have found very long, but the result, for those who have been in the fortress, sweeps away all doubts, forgiving the procrastination. 

The main room of 900 sqm is set with a dance floor of 450 sqm, served by a panoramic bar 20m long. The second dancefloor, celebrates the 80s, 90s and 2000s—the nightclub generations—with 300 sqm of music and games of retro lights, lasers and a large mirror ball. Atelier du Son installed two clusters of HDL 10-A line arrays with SUB 8004-AS active subwoofers and a number of HD 12-A MK4 speakers as secondary room system and DJ monitoring. The whole system is controlled by three DX 2006 processors tuned by Prest Events.
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