Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 18 Mar 2024

RCF Equips Wałcz's Sports Hub

Wałcz, Poland - The Central Sports Center in Wałcz is a modern, multifunctional training hall acclaimed as one of the most advanced sports facilities in Europe. Completed in partnership with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the center known as COS stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the sports world, offering unmatched conditions for a wide array of disciplines ranging from basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor hockey, badminton, futsal, to martial arts and fencing.

Inside, specially designed areas are available for martial arts such as judo, wrestling, karate, and fencing, as well as a circular athletics track measuring 200 meters in length and a 60-meter sprint track. Covering a built area of 4,861 m², COS also provides access to a modern gym, changing rooms, wellness and recovery areas, and storage and technical spaces. 

The new RCF sound system at COS Wałcz not only improves safety and information during sports events and other gatherings but also significantly affects the atmosphere within the halls, encompassing 8 zones spread throughout the complex, and guarantees crystal-clear sound in every corner of the facility.

Utilizing the full-range RCF COMPACT M series speakers, waterproof P 1108T models, and elegantly designed PL 8X ceiling speakers lays the foundation for a sound system that ensures perfect sound distribution throughout the sports complex.

The COMPACT M series delivers exceptional sound clarity, essential not only during sports competitions but also for events and concerts. The waterproof, full-range two-way P 1108T speakers are perfect for outdoor applications and areas prone to moisture, ensuring sound quality remains consistent during any season. 

Audio routing and control are managed with a Yamaha MTX5D matrix processor, directly feeding RCF's high-performance IPS series amplifiers. TOMMEX, the official RCF install products distributor for Poland, provided a comprehensive delivery and implementation of the system.

Photo provided by Central Sports Center in Wałcz

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