Corporate 19 May 2009

New HPS and DPS Professional Amplifiers

Designed for professional use in touring racks and installed sound systems, these professional amplifiers feature protective circuits to ensure high reliability and operating safety. Thanks to their extremely compact size and lightweight they are easy to handle and their simple set up procedures simplify the installation process as well.
Three new models are available: HPS 2500 and HPS 1500 2 channels Class H power amplifiers and DPS 3000 2 channels Class HD power amplifier.
The HP 2500 model delivers up to 2 x 1400 W RMS @ 2 Ω (2800 W RMS bridged @ 4 Ω) while the HP 1500 model delivers up to 2 x 750 W RMS @ 4 Ω (1500 W RMS bridged @ 8 Ω).
The DPS 3000 delivers up to 2 x 1700 W RMS @ 2 Ohm (3400 W RMS bridged @ 4 Ohm) and comes with a ‘PFC’ (‘Power factor correction’) switched mode power supply which ensures that a predominantly resistive load is presented to the mains power supply and leads to an improved amplifier performance at high output levels.