Installation SPORTS AND STADIUMS 23 Jan 2023

Multi-zone RCF Sound System for the ŻeromPark Sosnowiec swimming pools

Sosnowiec, Poland - The Żeromskiego Street swimming pool in Sosnowiec, Poland has recently undergone a two-year renovation and reopened as the ŻeromPark Family Activity Center. The facility, which was originally built in the 1960s, now consists of several zones spread out over three levels, all equipped with a multi-zone RCF sound system designed, delivered, and installed by Tommex, RCF's exclusive distributor for installed products in Poland.

The main volume of the facility is the swimming pool area, which includes a 25-meter main pool, a paddling pool for children, and spa tubs. The second zone is designated for swimming lessons with corrective gymnastics and features a special pool that is 12 meters long and 6 meters wide. On the highest level of ŻeromPark, there is a fitness zone with gyms, a space for corrective gymnastics, a TRX exercise room, and the sauna area on the lowest level.

To provide sound coverage throughout the facility, the RCF P 2110T weatherproof coaxial high-performance speakers were used in the swimming pool hall, while the smaller, twelve-meter pool and the communication space between the two pools were equipped with MQ series loudspeakers (MQ 80P model). These speakers have compact cabinets and a multifunctional bracket that allows for easy assembly and connection in clusters of up to three units. They can be used in both constant voltage and low-impedance systems. 

The TRX training room was fitted with RCF MQ 50C ceiling speakers, which are compact and have a bass-reflex vent design that provides a wide frequency range for high-quality music and clear speech intelligibility. The gym area was equipped with RCF MR 40T speakers, which are known for their compact size and good sound. Both systems also include subwoofers. The sound system is powered by two-channel RCF DMA series class-D amplifiers (DMA 162P and DMA 162), which provide power and have built-in DSP and FIR filters for sound optimization.

Overall, the multi-zone RCF sound system at ŻeromPark Family Activity Center in Sosnowiec has been well received, providing top-quality sound coverage throughout the facility.

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