Corporate 30 Mar 2009

MU 7100

RCF presents the innovative RCF DXT 7000, a Digital Matrix sound system suitable for many different purposes, such as evacuation, paging and background music. Typical targets are municipal halls, schools, shopping centres, hospitals, railway stations, hotels, etc. The system has been designed to fulfil all requirements of EN 60849 standard.
The main unit of the DXT 7000 system is the MU 7100, a Digital Matrix 7 x 8 designed for several applications including audio, zone paging, room combining and much more. Thanks to digital technology and powerful DSP, the MU 7100 is equipped with 5-Band Parametric EQ, High and Low Pass Filters, Level control, Delay circuit for line array speaker applications and Compressor / limiter. It has a built-in WAV file message player (up to128 messages) and digital routing to any output channel. The whole signal path from fireman's microphone to loudspeaker lines is completely and automatically monitored against faults. The 8 digital internal amplifiers are very reliable and their efficiency is excellent (> 90%), that means less heat dissipation and smaller capacity requirement for unbreakable power supply sources (UPS) used in sound evacuation systems. Standard speaker line distribution is rated for 100V applications, 50V or 70V speaker line distribution can also be selected by an easily performed internal wiring change. The MU 7100 has 7 balanced analogue audio inputs for external program sources and each input has a (tool adjustable) gain control that allows the connection of either a microphone or line level program source.
Despite it's high technology features the MU 7100 is also easy to configure and operate thanks to its plug & play architecture.
The DXT 7000 system is completed by the LT 7208 - 8 transformers unit, BM7802 - paging control unit, the BM7806 - paging control unit with alarm buttons, the BM7801 FM - fireman's evacuation unit, the SV7982 - program source/remote level control device and the LI 7903 - input/control device