Corporate 28 Mar 2009

ART 7 Series wins the Red Dot Design

With its outstanding and innovative design, the Art 7 Series from RCF succeeded in one of the most renowned and hardest international design competitions worldwide.
In the red dot award product design competition, the ART 7 Series was awarded the “red dot” quality seal for high design quality by the top-class expert jury.
This award is only conferred to particularly creative, innovative, and high-quality products. In total 3,231 products from 49 nations faced the expert judgement this year. The awards ceremony with more than 1,000 guests will take place on 29 June 2009 in the Essen Opera House, the Aalto Theatre.
Introduced for the first time at Prolight + Sound 2008 in Frankfurt, the ART 7 Series range of speakers deeply impressed the audience thanks to its design, which is the result of a careful research process by the RCF R&D team and the ID-EE industrial design studio.
The shape and style design has been based on the innovative technical and functional loudspeaker’s characteristics, emphasizing the introduction of the digital amplification technology. Even the choice of the materials such as aluminium, has been fundamental in the shaping of the new design.
In the ART 7 Series, speaker aesthetics, functionality, acoustic, and digital technology, are blended together in a visually impressive product. Designed for musicians and for music reproduction in all kind of situations.