• Up to 132 dB Sound Pressure Level
  • 2100W Class-D Bi-Amplification
  • 45-20000 Hz linear frequency response
  • 3" Titanium/Neodymium Compression Driver
  • 12" Woofer
  • FiRPHASE zero degrees phase technology
  • Bass Motion Control woofer excursion management
  • Six M10 and four Quick Lock rigging points

NX 932-A is masterfully engineered from the ground up to deliver stellar audio performance for sound providers, small bands and DJs. The combination of a 3" titanium/neodymium compression driver, 12" woofer - two-channel 2,100W amplifier, and the constant directivity True Resistive Waveguide produces coherent 100° x 70° coverage for the listening area with up to 132 dB SPL, distortion-free sound. Used as a stand-alone speaker for a FOH system, satellite (with subwoofer), stage monitor, or flown speaker, the NX 932-A blends high performance and reliability in a compact package. Merging RCF proprietary FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control DSP processing, perfectly tuned for each model, the audience will experience absolute sound clarity and deep, powerful bass response. The tour-ready, rugged all-wood cabinet is easy to carry and secure to install on a pole-, flown-, wall-, or truss-mounted using the dedicated rigging points available.


Part number:

NX 932-A
220-240V, Black, EAN 8024530021115

NX 932-A
100-120V, Black, EAN 8024530021290

NX 932-A W
100-120V, White

NX 932-A W
220-240V, White

La potencia que mueve

The most powerful amplifier in its class. RCF's improvements in transducer design make them stronger and powerful, so the amplifier follows the evolution. With 2,100W of power, the 2-channel NX 9 Class-D amplifier is 50% more powerful than previous models, able to manage extreme sound pressure levels with an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat loss. NX 9 is energy-efficient so there's no need for a cooling fan - the amplifier is attached to a solid aluminum heat exchanger in the rear of the cabinet without moving parts. The input circuit features a new low distortion design with an advanced safety limiter, maintaining the true character of the input signal at all levels. All NX 9 amplifiers are designed according to EN62368-1 for maximum safety and present a Switch Mode Power Supply section merging high-efficiency with minimum weight.
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Transductores legendarios

Altavoz de bajos potente
El transductor de graves es un altavoz de neodimio de alta potencia de 12'' con una bobina móvil de 2.5'' que proporciona unos graves secos y con pegada. La reproducción de las frecuencias medias-bajas es precisa, transparente y sin distorsión.
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Motores de compresión superiores
El motor de compresión del ND 840 en titanio puro con bobina móvil de 3 pulgadas permite una frecuencia de corte de tan solo 800 Hz. Esto permite una mejor respuesta, una caída más rápida y mayor eficiencia. Los ligeros y potentes motores de neodimio de RCF son referencia por su rendimiento y fiabilidad.
Tecnología Direct Drive
La bobina móvil tiene un soporte de Kapton de alta temperatura. El proceso de montaje aprovecha la tecnología Direct Drive exclusiva de RCF. La suspensión del diafragma se ha diseñado tras realizar amplios estudios dirigidos a minimizar la distorsión y aumentar el límite de baja frecuencia.
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Bass Motion Control

When searching for extended bass with enhanced performance, RCF engineers found a way to remove the high-pass filter, replacing it with a forward-thinking approach. Introducing BMC (Bass Motion Control), the newly advanced woofer excursion management feature. NX 9 Series with BMC can handle the lowest audible frequencies without affecting the woofer stability, providing extended linearity and better sound integrity. The BMC method works by creating a complete map of the dynamic behavior of the woofer to generate a custom algorithm that only limits over-excursions. This gives total freedom of signal reproduction to the transducer. When high-pass filters normally protect the woofer motion from becoming destructive but change the phase behavior, the BMC algorithm breaks this rule. In combination with FiRPHASE technology, NX 9 has a new level of audio performance in this series of speakers.

Un nuevo punto de vista sobre la linealidad

Los altavoces RCF están diseñados con una tecnología propia y avanzada de filtrado FiR, ideada para proporcionar un sonido transparente, una claridad absoluta y unas imágenes estéreo perfectas para el oyente.
Los filtros especiales FiRPHASE permiten obtener una distribución coherente de sonido para todos los oyentes, sin distorsiones de fase y garantizando latencias mínimas en el sistema.
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Un caballo de batalla para las giras

NX 9 can operate as either the main system or as a floor monitor. This flexibility makes it a smart choice for a wide range of live sound applications. The rugged all-wood cabinet is easy to carry with handles on both sides. The lower side includes a steel pole socket for mounting on a stand or a subwoofer pole. Each model can also be flown, wall- or truss-mounted using the six included M10 rigging points, Quick Lock pins, and special accessories. From the wood cabinet to the final texture and protective grille, NX 9 Series offers maximum strength for intensive use on the road and can be used for fixed installation.

Listo para los trabajos más duros

The highly innovative entertainment industry is always evolving by increasing demands on interconnection systems. Particular environmentally sealed connectors are highly requested for heavy-duty and harsh environment applications of entertainment equipment. The speaker features True Outdoor Protection (TOP) PowerCON TRUE1 power input connectors. These ruggedized sealed connectors feature IP protection and UV resistance approved according to UL50E.
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Especificaciones acusticas
Respuesta en frecuencia:
45 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
SPL máx. a 1 m:
132 dB
Ángulo de cobertura horizontal:
Ángulo de cobertura vertical:
Motor de compresión:
1 x 1.4'' neo, 3.0'' v.c
Altavoz de bajos:
12'', 2.5'' v.c
Sección de entrada/Sección de salida
Señal de entrada:
Conectores de entrada:
Combo XLR/Jack
Conectores de salida:
Sensibilidad de entrada:
-2 dBu/+4 dBu
Sección de proceso
Frecuencias de cruce:
Thermal, RMS
Soft Limiter
Linear, Boost, Stage, Volume
Sección de potencia
Potencia total:
2100 W Peak
700 W Peak
Bajas frecuencias:
1400 W Peak
Cumplimiento estándar
Safety agency:
CE compliant
Especificaciones físicas
Material del gabinete/de la caja:
2 x M10 Top, 1 x M10 each side, 1 x M10 bottom, 1 x M10 rear
2 each side quick lock pin seat
1 x Side
Montaje en barra/tapa:
Black, White
620 mm / 24.41 inches
362 mm / 14.25 inches
405 mm / 15.94 inches
22.9 kg / 50.49 lbs
Informaciones de envío
Altura de paquete:
666 mm / 26.22 inches
Anchura de paquete:
461 mm / 18.15 inches
Profundidad de paquete:
416 mm / 16.38 inches
Peso de paquete:
26 kg / 57.32 lbs