From bathhouse to event location - Leipziger Stadtbad now with new RCF system

The Leipzig Stadtbad, a public swimming baths in German city Leipzig, looks back on an eventful history. Inaugurated in 1916 as a public bath many people splashed here until 2004 when operation was stopped, and since then a public foundation has been trying to preserve the building. Parts of the bath are a venue for events. Because of this, the men’s swimming hall was completely built over and Leipzig event planner Exklusiv Events Leipzig took over the supervision of the events in the Leipzig Stadtbad. To make the venue more professional, the company also invested in the sound system and recently installed an active HDL 30-A line array. Previously, only temporary systems were used, with delivery and transport in the building always being complicated because of structural constriction. 

Henrik Dantz, Managing Director of Exklusiv Events Leipzig, about the location and the technology: “There are many things to consider when working in such a historic building. Introducing new technology is always difficult. With the truss construction, we have found a good way of permanently installing technology in the hall - which also applies to the RCF sound system. This saves an enormous amount of time at each individual event. Of course, the sound is excellent, as is always the case with systems maintained by Colito.”

Event service provider Colito, who has been using RCF systems for years, planned and installed the complete audio system. To use the men’s indoor swimming pool as an event space and to impair the historical structure as little as possible, several truss constructions were integrated into the hall. Both the lighting system and the audio technology are attached to them. A stage construction serves as a central point for the artists. The hall is equipped with a gallery with some trusses resting on it and housing the FOH.

Of course, the sound is excellent

The central line array is suspended from the trusses at the stage. As part of the renovation, 2x 8 RCF HDL-A 30 modules were installed. Under the stage construction, 4x RCF 9006-AS subs are in place. TT 25-SMA units are used as monitor wedges. Despite the 60-meter long and 18-meter high room, which can hold up to 800 people, no delay loudspeakers are required. The entire system is controlled by RCF’s own RDNet solution. Using RDNet, digital signal processing for each device or presets and parameter adjustments can be sent to individual objects or groups of objects. Network users can change levels, delay, EQ (also dBTechnologies Deutschland GmbH - Hansestr. 93 - D-51149 Köln phase-linear FiR filtering) and additional settings. This also includes the advanced subwoofer configuration. RCF HDL 30-A is a compact, active 2-way touring system with a 2-channel power amplifier for medium to large indoor and outdoor events, equipped with two 10-inch woofers and an impressive 4-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver. The HDL 30-A is the first line array module in a composite cabinet with a 0-degree phase and extremely linear amplitude response. Integrated 2200 Watt Class D amplifier and state-of-the-art RCF transducers with neodymium magnets provide excellent fidelity and up to 137 dB maximum sound pressure. Despite its remarkable performance, the RCF HDL30-A is remarkably lightweight - a clear advantage when installed and operated as a “flown system”, especially at the Leipziger Stadtbad location.

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