RCFACUSTICA at the Vip Room Theatre in Paris

The new Vip Room Theatre is one of the most exclusive and elegant clubs of Paris. The world most famous DJs and music artists choose the club for special performances or exclusive showcases during their record release parties. The audio project was made by RCF in cooperation with the architect Gianni Ranaulo of Light Architecture, who conceived the club design with the speakers inserted in the walls. By using an acoustically transparent tissue, it was possible to completely hide the speakers from the audience view, while keeping the accurate and elegant aesthetics of the environment without compromising the quality of sound reproduction.
The RCF audio system, installed by Live Music, is divided in two smaller systems composed by RCFACUSTICA loudspeakers: the first one, made with C5212-W and S8028 models, is focused on the dance floor, while the second, composed by C5212-W and C3108 speakers, is a distributed system for the seats area on the upper floor. Because of the great size of the Vip Room Theatre, which extends for over 2,000 square metres on three floors, two DX4008 digital signal processors were installed to manage the loudspeakers in order to provide a uniform audio coverage and to maintain the timbre of the sound in every part of the club. Mr. Emanuele Morlini, RCF Product Specialist, completed the set up of the system.